@sarahjeong hi Sarah, I've been worried about you, especially today :( hope you're doing okay

Also here's the new rendition of Awoke for a very emotionally frank scene where Sammers and Leray discuss The Genders, being bullied, etc soundcloud.com/0xabad1dea/awok

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and we're done! reload the page, and it should be fine. You can now disable autoplay gifs in the settings (cc @0xabad1dea) and more stuff : github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ :)

[mgl] hello I spent the whole day on this 45 second chiptune excerpt of an organ symphony and my brain melted everything hurts please enjoy soundcloud.com/0xabad1dea/skyf

I mentioned this on twitter already but I do worry about some self appointed Ableist Discourse Brigade swarming me to tell me that I, a disabled person, am misrepresenting/appropriating mental illness in my story that's 60% about mental illness as written by me a disabled/mentally ill person

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@0xabad1dea this is going to be annoying to go through, but as a workaround, there's a CSV of your muted users in Preferences > Data Export.

I'll see if I can get a PR done to expose that list like blocks.

that said, for some reason there's a "blocked user" list but no "muted user" list so I can't unmute all those people I muted on sight for their animated avatars...

I am relieved to hear that gif avatars have been put on hover-play ice! This makes it dramatically safer for me to use the interface.

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I have acquired storybundle.com/games [14 hours remaining] mostly for the book on game glitches

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