I hate stories like bath and body works because suddenly and immediately, as soon as you enter the store your soul is replaced with the spirit of a suburban white woman, and you blink and suddenly you're buying pounds and pounds of aromatherapy skin scrubs, soap, mini hand sanitizers and lotions...

My parents are trying to force me to get a job in the middle of a global pandemic 😐

Idea: anxiety simulator game where you have choices like a dating sim for the correct and incorrect answer based on your stats but instead of the plot being a dating sim, you're a queer kid with unsupportive parents trying to navigate through conversations with them...

i was testing out brushes n drawing hubert fe3h aimlessly and then it Hit Me all i had to do was add a knife

🇺🇸 pol 

🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽 🌽

fascism mention 

If you were a brony, you most likely either became a fascist, almost became a fascist, or ended up trans-ing your gender.

Clone fucking 

Alright time to bring back the buzzfeed meme template...

When I say "all cops" that obviously includes Officer Jenny.

Wait y'all actually have parents and family members that aren't Trump supporters?


I'm glad trump lost but I know that this will only spur four years of absolutely jack fucking shit because Biden literally does not give a shit about what we the people want and will do nothing but concede and concede to the Republicans...
In four years, who's gonna be the next fascist, emboldened by the Biden presidency and trump's "legacy" to rise up.....

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