Anybody have any fanart (SFW) of that lizard woman at the bar in She-ra who's jacket got stolen?

PSA for schools: Google is not your friend. Google does not want to help you learn. Google collects data on your students and they have no option to opt-out. You sign contracts on their behalf that sign their data away to massive companies who have no accountability. Attending public school is not a choice, and you should not force students to use spyware without their explicit consent. You should not base entire classes on proprietary spyware.

anyone know any good phones you can draw on (with stylus) that aren't eleventy billion dollars in price? My phone is dying and I need a new one. (Fuck programmed obsolesce)

I have a diferent problem with 'app stores', so many of the games have 'in-app purchases' rather than being able to be bought outright.

I do not mind this so much but then the purchases are things like 'a bag of gems' rather than 'just let me own the full game' and I'm like nope. It's so annoying to me to see a potentially good game ruined by this.

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@maverynthia Have you heard of the anime Phantom In The Twilight? Reverse harem, but I just saw its protagonist described as taking no shit and not freaking out over hot ikemen, so I thought you might like it after your frustration with some other anime/books/VNs/manga.

I wanted to change something about my Patreon pledges, so I visited the site and logged in. Or tried to log in, because they've decided to hook up with Google and added Recaptcha to their login page. After about 15 minutes of unpaid work the damn thing decided I was a bot and refused to let me log in.
I tried again today and now it let me through after just two clicks. Great software, works brilliantly. /sarcasm

Ooh, suspense. But at least things are going to be better.

Happy birthday ! ^_^

Shivery, forehead feels warm, slightly achy joints.. Could it be.. I have an actual cold? In summer? o_0

(*sniffly doesn't count because I have that very often without colds)

@maverynthia Heya. Are you still on Twitter? I wasn't sure, so I figured I'd toot as well. You have a mistake in Harukanaru Toki No Naka De's epnaming file. It should be %%0T (zero), not %%OT (capital o) to replace the title that's inferred from the directory name.

Do vampires have to worry about the stuff in their victims' blood? Like hormones or diseases?

I mean, eating raw meat is bad for several reasons, so why would drinking raw blood suddenly be without any dangers? Heya Erika ^_^ Welcome to Mastodon!

What URLs do people use to circumvent PirateBay blocking in NL these days?
The last time I used it was years ago during a not -blocked period ^_^;

@maverynthia Say, have you watched Infinite Ryvius? I'm not sure it can be called space opera exactly, but it seems like something you might enjoy ^_^

Wouldn't it be a neat optimization for websites to detect adblockers and then just not waste all that effort to serve ads to people who won't see them anyway? Imagine how much the loading time could improve, and all it takes is one check.

Remind me next time not to impulse-buy frozen food that doesn't fit in the freezer compartment and is too much to eat at once.

I think I have this polygon filling thing finally done. There are some obscure self-intersecting cases where it crashes, but whatever.

249 lines of code to fill a polygon, vs. 9 for just the outline >_<

That includes over 50 lines of comments btw, because I know I'll have forgotten all the details in a few months ^_^;

But hey, it can draw stars now ⭐ ✴

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