TIL that I don't know how to cook oatmeal. I mean, it worked out in the end, but that was a stressful couple of minutes.

Really though, I am so tired of being invisible I could scream.

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It'll be a secret trans flag and I love the idea of having that on my body in some way.

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Of course, no less than three months after my last tattoo, I want another. Justifying it to myself by saying it's to balance out the other one (I like symmetry). Really though, I'm just dying to express myself.

I'm kind of realising that just being seen by a few people is enough to help. Thank you. 💜

I actually had a lovely interaction with a complete stranger on the train. His name was Ian, he looked 60 even though he was 83, and he'd been playing trombone for 60 years. He had it with him, but moved everything around to offer me a seat. We talked the whole way.

I think I might make an effort to try and use this more. Fair warning, it might be mostly angst and existential dread. I'm not sorry.

I really fail at social media that ain't paying my bills. :-/

My favourite part of travel is the bit where I run around like a headless chicken in the time leading up to the flight packing everything. :D

I have literally spent over 4 hours this week waiting on hold for Primera Air to get their finger out of their ass and answer my calls. Of course, my problem hasn't been solved.

Adulting is stupid, I just want to play video games all day.

Somehow I've managed to find a chosen family that loves and supports me in spite of everything, and I'm aware of how incredible that is.

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On one hand things are a bit Extra Stressful right now and I'm feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and my body is shitty, but on the other hand things are kind of amazing and I have a great family and their support is irreplaceable.

Sorry bubbaroos, I'm not dead. I just suck at social media that ain't paying my bills. And TBQH I suck at that too right now.

Acute Illness, Chronic Illness 

At the same time, when I'm like, "THIS REALLY FUCKING HURTS AND YOU SHOULD KNOW I DON'T SAY THIS OFTEN" I still get written off because clearly people read as women are weak.

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Acute Illness, Chronic Illness 

I also hate having a fucked up pain threshold when it comes to getting acute illness diagnosed. They ask if X hurts; I have to launch into diatribe about why I might not perceive X as hurting because things less than a 7 on lots of people's pain scales don't touch me.

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Acute Illness, Chronic Illness 

Oh man, I hate having bacterial based ills when already chronically ill. It's really fucking hard to tell what's a symptom and what's just my body failing to cope with an additional thing being wrong.

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