Group was good today...shared more and learned more. Us transfolks don't have it easy. This is my own reminder to keep my head up - by telling you to keep yours up ❀️❀️

Don't want to do anything today! Not sure if it's dypshoria or depression or what 😭

Politics Texas Walmart FFS 

Politics and Sick Kids 

Opiod crisis 

And now I feel like I'm triggering and being offensive and don't know how to make masto posts hidden with titles/warnings at the top 😭😭😭😭 I love you all ❀️❀️❀️

Important Reminder / Semi-Political 

πŸŒ“ 🌍 β˜€ <β€” lunar eclipse
🌎 πŸŒ“ β˜€ <β€” solar clipse
🌏 β˜€ πŸŒ— <β€” apocalypse

Mama always said put the seat down...

That's garbage, boys leave it up. Your aim sucks!

Sea stars are fucking weird, hey are like only foots.

But even being only foots ... their foots HAVE FOOTS.

It's like a footy foots footy footing at the bottom of the ocean.

And they can lose foots and regrow new foots because they are : the foots.

Oh also they can vomit their intestine on other animal to digest them because why the fuck not.

CW: sea stars footy foots footing, might be gross


Trump is doing a good job of furthering the deligitimization of our government. He is also doing perfectly at showing that to the people. That's all I have nice I say about him.

He is the epitome of trash thrashy thrashiness. The more the US looks like him, the less support his legions of idiots will provide. He will self destruct himself along with this nation. Strap in...this is only the beginning.

Dr. #CornelWest says anti-fascist and anarchist protesters protected clergy from being "crushed like cockroaches" by white nationalists Friday night in #Charlottesville: "They saved our lives, actually… I will never forget that."
#Antifa #USA


Never forget to deal with shit promptly
Otherwise it tends to pile up everywhere
Then you are living in piles of your own shit
And how much fun does that sound like??

When I was coming out, the single most common reaction was a question:
"Oh, well ... have you really thought about this?" delivered with solemn
I never did figure out a good reply; I finally settled on a
disbelieving stare, which usually provoked a change of topic. I always
*wanted* to say "Gee, no! I just woke up one morning and thought, 'Gosh,
it's been such fun being a boy, I guess I'll try being a girl for a
while!' Don't you think it's a neato idea?" But these were *friends* --
clueless, it's true, but trying to comprehend in a moment what I'd
struggled to not comprehend for thirty years ... they didn't deserve that.
-- Anonymous transsexual woman

I'm pretty sure ppl saying shit like "I do not agree with their [nazi] views but I will defend their right to express them with my life" counts as public masturbation


I need to start HRT soon...some jerk was passing me on the freeway and slowed way down to pass me again with his phone pointed at me...

I decided I had to tail his ass at 95mph just so he would feel as uncomfortable as he made me.

Then I blew him a kiss when he got the his exit and I passed him.

Satisfying yet humbling- a lady wouldn't have done that I don't think. Too much testerone in my blood

That feeling when your parents tell you that you do whatever you want as you stand there in boy clothes just for them...smh fml

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