the Mastodon Community Survival Fund is officially depleted, and if you'd like to add to it to help our fediverse neighbors in need, our Liberapay is here:

We are looking into other ways to accept donations too.

If you're in need right now, we can at least keep boosting your requests for assistance. Send us a DM if we don't see you first. ❤️

@MCSF I just looked to sign up and send a reasonable ongoing donation, but liberapay was like "we will send them money after 3 months". which is not particularly helpful at the moment I'm guessing. if you come up with other forms of payment that will be filled immediately, I'm definitely interested in helping.

@tessaracht we're looking into some other options for one-time payments and subscriptions. (maybe patreon? open collective?)

I had thought that Liberpay was dishing out right away, not *after* the time period. how frustrating!

@MCSF I'd suspect it's something with liberapay's current payment processor situation, it said it had to split payments up by recipient, so it probably needs to "buffer" up enough payments to make it worth it. patreon seems to do it as one lump payment, and does it regularly once a month, so it wouldn't leave you waiting long. but I know folks have had issues with patreon in the past.

in any case, if you get that worked out, I'd love to send some $$ to this great cause. 💚

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