Pre-dawn over the Coral Sea, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

‘Sand underfoot’

Sand underfoot, a fresh wind, /
sea birds, the island, he and I; /
the old, wet wood of the jetty /
(mute, damp), the grey sky. /
Memories soon roll with time. /
Children grow. Sickness, health. /
Friendships stumble and correct. /
Love fumbles and rights itself. /
We remember. /
We forget. /

What’s your preferred method of transmitting your “Contribution to Society” money?

I did a thing! I went out! A drag show in Brisbane. There were people I have seen in TV!

I watched the child type on the Braille typewriter a few times. While they went to the toilet, I experimented with the typewriter. It took me a little while to work out the keys, then I typed the child’s name and my name. When they came back, I asked them to check my typing. They were pleased to read their name! They said I had made a mistake with my name between N and M. But the head of inclusion had mispronounced my name when introducing me, so it wasn’t my mistake but the head’s mistake. 😊

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I’m very interested in languages. I knew very little about Braille until yesterday. I learnt that there are characters for letter combinations like “ch” and for punctuation.
Library staff have added a transparent strip with Braille to increase the accessibility of this book. The first dot indicates a capital. The next character means “ch” together. Then the letter C alone is used as shorthand for the word “can”. And there’s a final punctuation character. The child told me it was a full stop.

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My then boyfriend and I drove from Derby in Western Australia to Townsville on the east coast of Queensland once. The maps app tells me it’s 3600 km. I can’t remember if we did it in four days or five.

Selfie, eye contact, not sober 

I am contentedly so I’m in advance if my attempts to be and/or fail.


1. I saw a pademelon on my rainforest walk!
2. I saw another pademelon just a little bit behind the first.
3. Later, I saw yet another pademelon.

Mary Cairncross Reserve, on the Blackall Range east of Maleny, Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland, Australia

I’m not heterophobic or misogynistic. Honest.

Our dog stays inside when humans are at home. We don’t have a doggie door. When teenagers are at home with bedroom doors shut, birds (magpies and peewees) feel uninhibited and enter through the gap intended for the dog to enter and exit. Their poop is the evidence of their trespass, and yesterday there were three bits of evidence on our bed because one of the teenagers left our bedroom door open.

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