@petra This is a great instance, but I feel bad for taxing @wxcafe's server for no good reason for so long!

So yeah, if everyone wants to switch following from this account to @petra that would be great :)

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Well this instance is still up in the morning, so I think I might switch!
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So anyway, the server this is running on is ridiculously over-subscribed for its meagre resources, so if I migrate it will be a while before I'm fully confident in it. But here goes!
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Hello and welcome to Petras Online, the only verified source of Petras on the onlines, where if it breaks it's all her own silly fault!

I'm bored in class and I want to make my own pleroma instance; talk me out of it

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TECH: Disruptive New Startup Plans to Offer "Unlimited" Advertisement Streaming to Users Who Pay Just $5/Month
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kinda weird how minecraft just sprung fully formed into the world without any creator

so what nginx alternative should i be keeping in my back pocket from now on, just in case?

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@Sir_Boops "Well I'm going to bed, see you in the morning."
"You too. Good luck."
*has already left the room with low ominous laughter*

Learn to Generalised Linear Models, nerds

almost every woman is in the back row, oddly enough. Is that a thing? (The other explanation is that most women in this class are fellow stats students who are understandably hiding)

Ok, so *now* is the first lecture (that I have attended) for that first-and-only-comp-sci paper

Probably the best pic of Coco I'm going to be able to get in a while

First time I've seen honest-to-goodness spam on fedi. I guess we're grown up now?

mh (-) 

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