Did you know: ahahahahaha!!! is an anagram of aaaaaahhhhh!!!

Makes you think

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Turned it off after they started talking about his 'difficult childhood' in exile

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I was about to go to sleep but I decided to check the radio and lo! Here I am

Sometimes you just gotta # systemctl set-default multi-user.target

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haskal tech tip: if you're making a meme with the wojack guy or the nordic gamer guy
using literally any other meme

get this chanshit out tbh

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Idea/hot take: what if all the exercises in English class where you have to go line by line through a poem and pick out all the metaphors were designed to make people think you can't use verse to communicate meaning?

If I want to buy a cheap android tablet and am not interested in using it for streaming or games, what do I have to look out for?


I should stop being disgusted by ukpol, and also tag it

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I'm sorry, a minute silence for more then a hundred thousand dead??

I continue to believe that we're being demonised we may as well bring back the whole Attis thing

I'll say one thing for free software: when something breaks and all the users are mad you can join the peanut galaxy jeering and watching them desperately try to fix it

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One of these days I really need to learn to solder

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