After 67...Rxf1+ 68. Kh2 (forced) there are about 8 moves that lead to checkmate on move 69 (nice), I think? But none of them are checks. If I'm right about how it currently selects moves for the poll when there is a tie it will go for alphabetically, i.e. Bg6, f5, f6, and Kf2 (in some order) and not give the option of any of the rook moves (Ra1-d1)

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Kh2 is also checkmate in the same number of moves, but there's no checks there at all

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This would be easier if there was a built-in boardgame attachment, like polls and stuff

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Getting further unserious: masttodon Quake attachment object, where everyone who sees the toot can play against each other

@Petra there's absolutely no reason you couldn't implement an ActivityStreams object that provides connection information to a Quake server

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