Just hanging around here while weirder.earth doesn't federate!

Well seems that I'm moving to @yulran! See you there, nice people! :blobcat:​

@wxcafe Salut ! Je voulais te remercier du soin que tu prends de cette instance. J'ai passΓ© des moments cool ici et c'est en grande partie grΓ’ce Γ  toi, alors merci! :thumbs_up_hmn_r1:​

Well seems that I'm moving to @yulran! See you there, nice people! :blobcat:​

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I actually wanted to look into python for a while, but the official excuse is that having to be plugged to a network cable to have the MATLAB license is not practical at all. Aaannd I have some aversion against learning LabVIEW.

At noon I didn't know anything about python and last week I had no idea about serial communication and how to save on a computer the data from my temperature sensor, but now I'm leaving the lab quite proud with a working python script saving and plotting the evolution of the temperature in my cryo chamber :D
The hardest part was actually understanding what cable I needed and ordering the right one :grin_w_sweat:

Solarpunk fashion week is great and all, but what if I started a #solarpunk action week? Get everyone out there doing something useful then sharing pics and resources

I'll probably wait until Spring so that it'll be a good time for planting. Maybe the week of Earth Day?

Boost if you'd be interested in something like that!

PSA for anyone from a defunct instance who still wants to view their archive, and cant because it's all json:

I made a python script that generates a human-readable html page from you're archive that you can open in your browser to view your old posts.

If you've got python installed, just plop it into the archive, run it, and open the new "processed_archive.html" file it makes in your web browser to read your archive!



*rolls, rolls, rolls, off the matress like a tired burrito*

I solve my Fourier transform problem, my code seems to give sensible results, it's 3:30am, time to go home!

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I'm so into my languages trip that I didn't realize the problem in trying to calculate the crystal properties of glass.

Okay! Concentrating! Work!

It's not even 10 and I have already spoken 5 different languages to my friends (and I'm not counting math).

I left work early because I had therapy and now I'm enjoying the sun close to the river :blobowo:

Still at work struggling with a calculation I can't reproduce following all the steps from a paper, but at least it gave me a few nice pictures.

I called my little sister litteraly for the first time ever, just to talk. Usually we just exchange texts every few months. Calling was unexpectedly nice! :D
She's adorable and we are proud to be the weirdest siblings of the familly :blobnom_trans:​

I just got called a doctor and invited to the 4th Global Pediatric Ophthalmology Congress "Future of Eye 2019" :grinning:
That sounds like they really care who they are spamming :upside_down_smile:

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