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I tried to invite the Russian students for lunch in Russian and they though I spoke french :disappointed:

I had mentioned 10 days ago that my phone was seeing the near-infrared laser and here are the pictures!
There are stray reflections going everywhere, also there are other laser frequencies going out of the crystal in the cryogenic chamber (I see blue light by eye, it's the product of frequency doubling of the 800nm infrared).

And it's a good hint that wearing protective goggles is important even in you don't plan to put your face I'm front of any mirror.

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I couldn't do much during a lot of the roleplaying game so I could draw: my character meditating to train her ability to perceive the way out when the group penetrates in bubbles when past events are in an eternal loop, and the guy from the past whose skin she found herself in, drinking and losing at games.

I got a functional screen phone! Yay! And a slightly critical part of my hammock I might need if it rains during my vacations next week, the tarp. And a big backpack.
Spent most of the weekend in the bus to go fetch that, and I'll only arrive home slightly before my usual morning alarm clock tomorrow. But I also took to opportunity to see a dear friend and have a 13h-long roleplaying game so I'm almost not complaining about sitting in a seat in transports for 36 hours in two days.

Follow-up: George Paget Thomson, one of the physicists who experimentally confirmed wave behavior of the electron, was the son of J. J. Thomson, the physicist credited with verifying that the electron is a distinct particle.

Dad showed that the electron is a particle, and his son, in an act of filial physics rebellion, showed that it’s a wave.

Good morning!
Seems that I have to spend another morning running from post office to post office and phoning the delivery company.

I don't know if I'll ever know where the pieces to repair my phone are, but at least I'm practicing my German a lot :D

Aww man a super weird unfolding drama in the physics community, as yet unresolved and involving :

* very surprising claims of room temperature superconductivity!
* datasets that look super faked!!
* some hacker spoofing emails from respected scientists telling investigators to lay off investigating the research group with the super dodgy looking data!!!

You want cyberpunk? Here's cyberpunk!


M51 is an spiral galaxy near the end star in the handle of the Big Dipper. It is interacting with a nearby smaller galaxy.

"what is it like to be perfectly perpendicular to the surface you're on"
"oh, pretty normal"

I spent the whole day working on a drawing that I stil can't show because my phone still have no screen but I love it :D

Two years old child: 1
Yulran: 0

Good morning!

Seems that today I'll be mainly left-handed :grin_w_sweat:​ Too much use of the touchpad with only one finger all day yesterday.

Spent 4 hours inking this one so please excuse me while I search for my brain
#art #mastoart

"Can you make me a potion to change who I am?"
"No," said the witch. "There are no such potions."
"Oh. I hoped-"
"But I can make a potion to change your body to who you are."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I just realized my phone was seeing the laser :D
It's 800nm, at the frontier of infrared. I can't see it (and I'm not supposed to remove my goggles anyway), but then this has the potential for cool pictures!
(I just can't unlock my phone to post the pictures.)