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Yulran 🐧 @Yulran

I step out of work. The air is warm and smells of rain. In the distance are echoes of thunder. I walk between the low industrial buildings. A noise is building up, like a wall of rain and wind slowly approaching. It hits suddently, shaking the trees, throwing at me sand and dry leaves as sharp as paper. I have to stop myself from smiling too wide while I push back against the air.

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People in the streets start to run as the drops become bigger. Bikers hasten and soon disappear. The water first flows cold down my back, then I get used to it. The brown sky still rumbles but no lighning is to be seen. I walk slowly as no one hears me singing. Cars pile up, illuminating strikes of rain along the road. They are sheltered but I am carried forward by the wind.

@inAktion Thanks!
I was actually writing that in my head while walking under the rain :D

@Yulran I could tell. I felt ... well ... almost there.

@inAktion That's awesome to hear, thanks ❤️