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Yulran 🐧 @Yulran

Finally got a decent enough WiFi to post pictures!

I started on Monday, with no internet access so I asked my neighbor in the bus for a theme. I continued with "divided" and I was planning to improvise a story from those, but then…
You see the 3rd picture? That was my sketchbook.


@distelfliege Well, I was hanging around a bridge with my sketchbook and a work-related book, planning to draw a bit before a conference.
I put them on the handrail while checking my phone, carefully balanced because I didn't want them to fall. And then, an unexpected wind opened one book and my conference planning started flying, so I tried to catch it but I think I actually just pushed everything in the water.
Typical story of me :D

@Yulran err I am torn between 😢 and 🤣 for this one.

(jokes aside I hope you didn't lose too much work on that)