Cool! Breakout rooms just landed in #Jitsi! Makes it suddenly a whole lot more interesting to use for schools & universities. #VideoConferencing #VideoCall

Guyana, positive 

Props to Guyana for quietly keeping its rainforest going after all these years. And to the indigenous folks who are a major part of that endeavor...

musing about scottish independence 

Been thinking these questions to myself lately:

What ways can we build independence outside of and without the state model?

Why are our independence campaigns so reliant on some future referendum that may not even be won?

How can an independent Scotland decolonise itself?

Why do independentist parties continue to participate in the institutions of the greater British state?

How can we separate the concept of "Britishness" from allegiance to the United Kingdom?

How can an independent Scotland make reparations for its participation in the British Empire?

How can an independent Scotland heal its sectarian divisions that may be exacerbated by independence?

Would Scottish independence accelerate the collapse of the United Kingdom and the neo-British Empire?

What could an independent Scotland do to support other independence movements?

How can we build a new independent system without recreating British colonial and authoritarian structures?


Saw a neat report on a Japanese forestry technique called Daisugi, the process of making multiple straight trees out of one stump. Its an ancient practice, as practices tend to be in Japan, but it’s now being seen as an important method for faster reforestation of thinned areas. Visually stunning, too, another oft common side of Japanese techniques. And the wood, typically Japanese cedar, is used sustainably by master carpenters in wood architecture. The Azores has adopted the technique.

This website shows you how to grow mycofoam materials. The cool thing is it can be shaped into anything and once it's growing it will eventually sprout edible mushrooms. Can you imagine a restauraunt with a myco-wall where they grow fresh mushrooms? That would be pretty cool!

[[Society for the Protection of Underground Networks]]

re: COVID, vaccine efficacy 

...since even there, not everyone is getting the jabs; and in a way, the anti-jab folks are right for not bothering, though of course many also refuse to wear masks or change any of their habits so it's more like an (analog) broken clock is right twice a day kind of a thing with vaccine deniers. All this to say, we don't have to say "Death to the USA" anymore because it seems to have no backup plans for any of this...

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re: COVID, vaccine efficacy we're basically all still agreeing, like Trump and Nazis, that the elderly and disabled are fine sacrifice zones for the capitalist project. And pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates are also treating the rest of the world like a giant gene simulation experiment and only giving richer nations access to vaccines made from that data:

...but since the vaccines don't really work, even richer countries are still fucked.

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COVID, vaccine efficacy 

Boosting a scientific article that backs up rumblings I've heard all year that vaccines need a different name; they aren't stopping the spread of COVID whatsoever, they're just preventing hospitalization and death, and even then only for a bit, and mostly for those who don't already have comorbidities.

Just added a page to my website describing my approach to learning Japanese through self-study, along with some of the resources I've found to be particularly helpful.

"we see these efforts to link racial violence to criminal consequence as symbolic gestures for the State in efforts to rehabilitate its own image and reaffirm its own legitimacy as the ongoing crises of police violence, abuse within prisons, and children in detention camps rage on."

Survived and Punished and Red Canary Song worked on a statement about StopAsianHate and hate crime enhancements. It's really fucking good.

The Spice Girls will be remembered longer than Brexit...

"where Y is required in order to get X, insisting a peremptory conditionate. For example:

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends"

Morning glory/bindweed cordage!
I made this twine out of morning glory fibres. Its not as strong as blackberries, but it works.
Hopefully, this will be used to tie up a proposal for to update a coop center and housing. Tbh, i still dont quite understand the design, but the documents will be in a carved wooden thing
I gathered the bindweed from that specific location, which seems only fitting.

Are there any #ActivityPub or #MastoDev people around here who can explain/point to a source in something approximating plain language how the Mastodon remote follow functionality works? The Ruby code is a like trying to read hieroglyphs for me.

Context: I'm interested in whether something similar can be implemented for @bookwyrm, preferably in a software-neutral way (i.e. remote follow from Misskey or Pleroma or Mastodon etc)

Boosts welcome.

Water testing

You can also use thale cress, mouse-ear cress or arabidopsis' seeds

Effect of BPA on the germination, root development, seedling growth and leaf differentiation under different light conditions in Arabidopsis thaliana

#hack2eaux #sciences #investigation #biology

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