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"Seek Nothing, Just Sit" - NHK WORLD PRIME | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand

Seek nothing, just sit. This is the zen practice pursued at Antaiji, a Soto school zen temple hidden deep in the mountains of northern Hyogo Prefecture. Residents, including several non-Japanese from abroad, engage in 1,800 hours of zazen sitting meditation per year and lead the self-sufficient lifestyle that is the zen ideal. Growing their own food, engaging in other hard physical labor, and sitting long hours in meditation to clear their minds of idle thoughts, they follow a rigorous practice focused on self-understanding. Among them are young men who question the meaning of life and experience deep distress. What answers will they find? This program follows daily temple practice over the course of a year.

#Zen #Buddhism #Documentary

Help Needed!

anyone in the Fediverse have experience navigating the United States mental health systems? Particularly with any knowledge of longer term residential MH facilities and how to talk to mental health social workers.

I am helping a loved one, and trying to figure it out mostly on my own.. and it’s real hard.

Boosts very welcome.

re: uspol, fixing headlines, sarcastic 

...but if we replace one murderer politician with another who DOESN'T fondle his coworkers, I guess we're all just cool with that? Cause that's what's gonna happen. And the new governor will probably work with the new NYC pig-mayor to increase police funding and generally punish poor folks for existing. Literally throwing money away would be better than paying taxes to these monsters...

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re: uspol, fixing headlines, sarcastic 

...he also touched women outside his office, which I just read about, so this is clearly a broader case than I was letting on earlier, but my goodness it really should've been any number of other things that took the dude down. Like, how many people do your policies have to kill??? Why is the story just about these women? Where's the justice for everyone else??? Whatever, I left NY, I guess I shouldn't even care...

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re: uspol, fixing headlines, sarcastic 

Andrew Cuomo, killer of nursing home residents during covid, years-long blocker of numerous proposals such as marijuana legalization and single payer healthcare that would have saved countless lives, staunch supporter of Israel and the police, backer of billionaires and landlords, found to have touched the women who helped him do all that, and that's why you should hate him now.

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uspol, fixing headlines, sarcastic 

Joe Biden, sexual assault fiend and mass murderer, asks fellow mass murderer and sexual assault fiend Andrew Cuomo to resign. Public still inexplicably convinced that voting matters.

has anyone used, or have recommendations for non-evil crowd funding, for creative/art projects...

uspol, negative 

In the US before the pandemic, about 3.7 million people were evicted every year. There are almost exactly that many people who will be affected by the end of the eviction moratorium. I used to live in one of the richest global cities in the US, where evictions happened constantly. Now, I'm in a much less wealthy Mayan city with a million people, and almost none of them are homeless. Homelessness really is a choice we all make every day...

Dating on the #fediverse ?

How cool would that be? Can we make it unique and much different and better than what regular #dating sites tend to offer? Much more than mindless swiping left of right, judging people like prize animals?

Participate in a brainstorm on #lemmy and let your imagination roam freely (well.. mind the CoC, though 😀 ).

"The Jain's Death" was one of the first truly strange things I remember stumbling across during my early experiences of the internet.

I've re-encountered it a few times, and tonight I was pleasantly surprised to find it still online:

nyc politics, negative 

"Progressives" aren't even asking to abolish the police, just to defund a politically acceptable amount. They want a green new deal full of capitalist handouts and continued resource extraction, not a restructuring of our infrastructure and supply chains towards sustainable, just, and autonomous modes of living. And yet, Eric Adams is out here swinging his dick around against even these modest reforms. He's going to destroy what's left of ...


to be happy to be seen /
to percolate with distance /
to inspire preemptive tragedy prevention /
to stay open and to infest /
in both faces

to elicit a firestorm of criticism against institutionalized diversionary psychologizing /
to not need to /
to be able to /
to be able to lose a society's collective self /
to *choose* to /
to be at ease with what is wanted and unwanted /
to not want to hide

"to take over the country"
to take root

Creating a list of queer songs without romance or sex 

So I've been working on making a list of queer songs for aro ace folks and anyone else who would like songs that don't include romance or sex to listen to

I hope it's clear I'm not saying those things are bad, just sometimes it's nice to be able to see yourself in songs that don't have things that don't represent you or make you feel uncomfortable

You can view it here:

#aromantic #asexual

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