NYPD, negative 

Do not move to NYC if you don't want to be part of all the tech dystopias everyone has been predicting for years. This is all completely preventable, but it requires working on our social technology instead of our military technology, and I sometimes feel like it'll take a solar flare for enough people to find that internal/social development to be worth their while...

Hello #PortfolioDay!

I'm a digital illustrator and concept artist! I like to play with shape and color to create unique and delightful work.


I present you: mosey culture (as opposed to hustle culture)

Our goals are out there and we work toward them, but we take our time.

"Someday I want to achieve my goal, but for now check out this pretty flower I have 🌻 . I'm gonna stop and enjoy it before I mosey on to my next task."

Now for something completely different. I've participated in the Paint Over Fast Competition at Revision 2021.

Coastal Custodians (inspired by a chaos picture) was created within less than 24 h including sleep and breaks. It won 1st place. 🐳 💙


#art #mastoart #demoscene #revision2021

us pol / unions 

For anyone confused by the RWDSU's spectacular failure at Amazon, read this:


BLM, chrome exploit, Brooklyn Center PD 

I'm worried that people might use this ( twitter.com/r4j0x00/status/137 ) unpatched vulnerability and targeted advertising of Facebook to exploit the Brooklyn Center PD and expose internal documents about the killing of Daunte Wright and the quick conclusion that it was an accident.

uspol, finance, the fed 

"...when the Fed inflates the housing market, most people in the bottom 50% don’t benefit because they don’t own a home. But they have to pay more to rent, and they get further locked out from buying a home.

Stocks and mutual funds account for only $1,131 per person [in the bottom 50%). So when the Fed inflates the stock market, the bottom 50% don’t benefit at all. That’s reserved for the top 10%"


re: uspol, China, military industrial complex 

"Of course, no one who matters in the defense business wants total war with China. They just want to keep those trash fires burning, hoping one of them will blaze up big, like a gender-reveal wildfire. And even if none of them do, it’s good for business, because most war scares are about funding. The US Navy always, always wants more ships. What’s scarce is plausible reasons to buy them."

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uspol, China, military industrial complex 

"It’s a full-time job, keeping track of the US/NATO campaign to start a fire somewhere on China’s borders. It’s like tracking an inept arsonist by satellite image: “Oh, there he goes again…the idiot started a trash fire next to a concrete wall." "



world politics, facebook 

This story is starting to blow up. A fired Facebook whistleblower documented how world leaders are using fake engagement on FB to manipulate, deceive, and harass citizens.

- theguardian.com/technology/202

- theguardian.com/technology/202

brpol, uspol, I know it's subtle but I'm being a little bit sarcastic 

What, the United States messing up with elections in Latin America? To get even wealthier at the expense of the poor?? In this day and age??? But the Democrats are the good guys, I'm so shocked by this completely unprecedented development. It's not like the U.S. has been accruing wealth in this exact way nonstop since the country *exists*. Next you'll tell me they'll just go and back a coup in Bolivia too and act like nothing is happening.


(pt-br writeup: conjur.com.br/2021-abr-10/jorn )

Vaccines, US military 

With military budgets increasing...
visualcapitalist.com/mapped-th ...and with climate change + COVID + Suez Canal fuck-up creating resource scarcity, it looks like war is coming.

Meanwhile, 40% of marines refuse to get the vaccine. So if the US goes to war, and sends troops, it's quite possible a 1918 flu-style variant of COVID might emerge that attacks younger folks.

So, uh, maybe ignore anyone claiming things are gonna be back to normal this summer...

re: uspol, indigenous languages 

Any bill that supports culture but doesn't give power, land, or resources back to the people who created it is purely performative. And giving those resources to entities that claim to represent a group's interests, but which rely on state or corporate funding, doesn't count. The people, on their own, are just as capable of funding their own shit if they were ever given the resources and the space to do so. (5/5)

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re: uspol, indigenous languages 

And neither party would dare ask suburbanites and billionaires to reduce their frivolous lifestyles, which gives power to companies that regularly kill indigenous folks around the world to access the resources under their feet, or, in the case of the US, that drown poor communities with nutrient-poor, addictive food and drinks, which provided a fertile breeding ground for COVID to kill Indigenous and Black folks at higher rates. (4/_)

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re: uspol, indigenous languages 

I see the main purpose of this push to be a means to legitimize Democrats as a meaningful alternative to Republicans despite them often acting in lockstep with Republicans to keep funding and allowing oppressive state and corporate control over tribal lands and peoples. (3/_)

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re: uspol, indigenous languages 

To me it's outright colonial to save the culture produced by a people (language, in this case, or "antiquities" in the case of the countries the US bombs like Iraq), instead of the people who produced that culture in the first place. It commodifies the culture as something separate from the people who created it. (2/_)

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uspol, indigenous languages 


The best way to save Indigenous languages is land back, power back, resources back. The US state is inherently against the interests of Indigenous folks, and was/is a big reason Indigenous folks aren't speaking Indigenous languages in the first place. This effort obscures this fact, and of course it's supported by tribal entities which themselves are the legacy of US colonialism, and which are beholden to the state for their existence. (1/_)

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