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Hi you! If you want to help a food coop in Brooklyn grow and improve its offerings to the community, and have some extra cash, please visit this link...
...and/or forward it to your networks and ask them to do the same :-)

Thanks for any help your can offer; it will be greatly appreciated!

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This deferential, toadying open letter from the nonprofit world to the tech giants has me frustrated/fuming and I'm considering writing an open letter from the radical tech communities to the nonprofit world If these people are trying to change the world why beg to use the tech that so blatantly upholds the current social order? #liberatorytechnology

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Just attended a solid info session on the upcoming #prisonstrike. It is being called in large response to the tragedy at Lee Correctional Facility this year.

To learn more and get involved, visit

#prisonabolition #labor #IWW #IWOC

Activism: ID rich folks from picture Show more

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from r/linux

"for about a year i create linux related pictures for fun and upload high-resolution images for free usage. so far i made about 100 images and may be you can find in the archive a new wall poster to decorate your wall or sticker to decorate your laptop."

these are awesome.. 😍

I know this makes me sound like an alien, but humans make the coolest sounds:

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I'm interested in how to reorganize jurisdictions as cooperatives. Villages, neighborhoods, small towns, townships, water districts, school districts, parishes, even counties. I only really know of one, other than the efforts in Rojava: Marinaleda. Are there others? Are there guidelines for conversion, and do they work?

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Petition to support Oracle workers in Korea Show more

Indigenous pronoun options:

When we speak of Sugar Maple, we say, “Oh that beautiful tree, ki is giving us sap again this spring.” On a crisp October morning we can look up at the geese and say, “Look, kin are flying south for the winter. Come back soon.”

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Book Bloc is still one of my favourite things.

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"One of the reasons Arendt was so unnerved by liars was that the way they did politics was so close to how she thought politics ought to be done. She wasn’t endorsing lying or embracing liars. She just thought the distinction between the liar and the truth-teller was too easy because opposing oneself to reality - which is what the liar is doing, after all - is part of what it means to act politically." - Corey Robin

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“Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.” (Mr. Robot)

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Tech is "mission-critical" to ICE. These companies must divest from Trump's deportation agenda.

Tech companies have been exposed for their role in furthering ICE's operations. We must get as many people as possible to tell them that their complicity in cruelty is inexcusable and that they must cancel their contract with ICE.

Sign here:

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Do you like #Anarchism? Do you like #Audiobooks?

This survey, courtesy of the folks at the Federation of Anarchist subreddits, will determine what pieces of literature will be recorded next by the Audible Anarchist collective.

I'm rooting for Bookchin and Stirner :D

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Call for Papers!
Circular Thinking in Sustainable HCI: Revisiting the Link Between Invention And Disposal ➡️ #sustainability #circulardesign

These people have solved racism, y'all... if only *sob*... but for real, this is a great resource for anyone interested in anti-racist patterns: