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Hi Internet, one of my favorite scrappy community groups (MayDay Space) is hosting its 2nd annual World of Witches event online this year. It will feature workshops and music, as well as an online vendors' market. Please feel free to boost, and let me know if you're aware of any pagan/witchy blogs or newsletters I could send this out to.

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I’ve been working on an essay on organizing for reproductive rights in light of Amy Conry Barrett’s confirmation, but found there is a lot more to talk about, even lesbian separatism.

This essay, “How to Fight for Reproductive Rights with Black and LGBT thought”, is now available in two parts. Check it out:

Part 2:

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I usually try to avoid mentioning specific brands or retailers, but this shop is pretty rad.

Just picked up these two shirts from

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In recognition of the Day of Mourning, to counter colonial mythology about early Thanksgivings, we present the story of Metacomet’s War—an ambitious effort to resist the colonial conquest of the so-called Americas.

#StolenLand #Resist

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David Graeber's piece captures how I feel about a lot of the accusations against Corbyn.

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Need 3d artist?


Once again asking for a retweet if you would be so kind? I am currently looking for work so if you're in need of a 3D Artist let me know! Portfolio:

#gamedev #indiedev #polycount #freelance #work #3D #art #artist #unity3d #UE4

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Anybody here knows Kurdish and wanna have a low intensity chat going or something? Specifically interested in Sorani.

I was in Hewlêr for a few weeks a year ago. I was there with two classmates as part our education, having classes with 15-year olds in an art school. It was an amazing time wearing the hat of mamosta (teacher) with them.

It was an amazing place, and I want more of it. Also the students didn't know much English, so it would be nice to know some more Kurdish if I meet them again.

Dest xosh!

#askfedi #languagelearning

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This is a really good overview of the differences of perspective between white colonized permaculture and indigenous relationship to the land.
It's very clear and really insightful!

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Probably everyone will have a different paragraph of this to relate to, here's mine.

"Is “time so weird right now,” or have you lost all sense of progression in your life because you no longer have any routine-breaking events or holidays or changes of scenery to look forward to, only the repetitive cycle of the same bland emails to write and the same virus case count graphs to watch and the same harrowing scenes of police brutality to revisit day after day?"

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“Insurgent movements are not the product of ‘hard times,’” Goodwyn wrote [in The Populist Moment]. “They are the product of insurgent cultures.”

'When those enterprises ran against the limits of the dominant economy, the people radicalized. They formulated political demands through the practice of mutual self-help.'

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It is the first time a government body acknowledges the scientific fact that aviation does not only cause CO2, but that its non-CO2 impacts make it on average 3 times worse for the climate.

Find a summary of the findings and the full study here:

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work, capitalism 

Me: “Oof. I can’t really be productive at work today. I wonder why”

My brain: “Maybe because all the work you are doing is not going to benefit you as a person, but someone else instead, and you are not going to receive appreciation for it anyway. The only thing you get in return is monetary compensation, and while being paid is appreciated, this frames the activity as a mere transaction and reduces most of your waking time to a commodity.”

Me: “It is a mystery indeed”

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An action you can take to help AbolishICE in Hudson County 

Hudson County Freeholders are breaking their promise to end collaboration with ICE by 2020. On Tuesday, Nov 24th, they're voting to continue taking millions from ICE to detain immigrants in the Hudson County Jail. Call & email them to demand they VOTE NO.

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Trauma and Recovery in times of police brutality 

Activist trauma and recovery

"How to manage your psychological reactions to brutality from police & others:

One of the amazing things about activists is that we often deliberately expose ourselvesto brutality when we believe it necessary. What is sometimes equally surprising is how little we know about the psychological effects of this violence.

We need to prepare ourselves and learn how to support each other through the physical and emotional consequences of trauma."

some more info material on this subject:

#mentalhealth #trauma

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What follows here is one of the more interesting hacks from reconstruction:


Background on this project for any new followers of #Ecostead tag is yeah... we saved quite a bit of material from the teardown. No, we were unable to save everything (COVID prevented us from donating first to local orgs where they would have gone to be diverted from the waste stream). But we did upcycle more than 75 percent of the teardown material we did not save. Some of it we went to great lengths to deliver to like-minded folks, too!

Something a white bro scoffed at me for saving to reuse was the "black tarpaper" from behind the old siding. Yeah it had a few spiders' nests on it. Seemed remarkably clean and sturdy for having been up so long. Plus paper; any plant material can be considered as sacred, I think; even a poor old tree that got mixed up in bitumen[1] by no fault of its own.

My gut was to lay this under the waterproofing material of choice (tile!) for the outside deck installation... an extra waterproofing layer, encase any supposedly dangerous material.

Turns out this was a good hunch b/c after I got this tile laid down the other day, found out that the chemistry of the tarpaper is such that it will likely increase strength and longevity of the thin-set layer of mortar under the tile. Cool, eh?

Turns out, folks from the EU are making business out of it [2]:

¨The refining process of Tarpaper Recycling converts the bitumen-rich roofing felt waste to a raw material .. that can be recycled 100%. This product can be used as binder in the production of new asphalt as it contains bitumen, the most valuable raw-material in asphalt. Roofing felt can replace bitumen to a certain point in the production of asphalt, somewhat depending on what type of asphalt is produced¨


#Ecostead #hacks #DIY #Upcycling #construction

Dunking on marriage 

All the people whose weddings I have attended are some combination of corporate tools, yuppies, and stress. It's almost like marriage and the nuclear family (and the associated mortgage + vacations + suburban lifestyle) require complete subordination to empire/patriarchy/capitalism or something...

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holiday cooking, volunteering help + info 

hey. so. with, yknow, things the way they are, if you find yourself flustered this season cooking holiday dinner or cookies for the first time and you don't have anyone else to ask for advice, i'm volunteering myself as your designated Abuela/ Memaw/ Grandma and open for any questions you might have.

is it zero hour and you've run out of baking powder? i can tell you how to substitute that. don't know how to tell if your steak is done? i can let you know a few ways to do that. shoot me a question, mufos or not, i'm willing to help.

koalifications: professional baker, 20+ years cooking for my damn self

and remember that i am proud of you!

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