From a comrade working directly with Colombians: “to donate to medical supplies for the revolt in cali, colombia: this fundraiser is vouched”

heads up if you use twitter at all

in typical jack dorsey fashion, the new tipping feature on twitter, which uses paypal, sends the tip recipient the full name and address of the person sending the tip

if you don't have a business account set up to obscure that info, you could very well dox yourself

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The primary subject of the documentary Q: Into the Storm is really Ron Watkins, the ex-administrator of 8chan/8kun.

The documentary concludes with Cullen (the documentarian) kind-of getting Ron right up to the point of admitting that he was probably Q all along, or at least one of the people posting as Q and actively stoking the "Stop the Steal" conspiracy theory.

It then flashes forward a couple months were Ron has now left his "job" of admin for 8chan and rebranded himself as an "election security expert" and is on his way to the United States post-1/6 to sell his services to Republican legislatures looking into election irregularities.

The documentarian and other researchers have access to various telegram groups were Ron has been feeding daily game plans to the Arizona election "audit" workers, including such gems as the bamboo ballot conspiracy.

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One comment that people brought up about Ron Watkins is that he clearly sees himself as a figure like Light Yagami from Death Note. Listening to him talk about this stuff, about his plans, it's an uncanny resemblance.

Budget Light Yagami really.

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Es muy importante saber qué está pasando en Colombia. Te contamos cómo inició el Paro Nacional y cómo puedes seguir informándote 🇨🇴👇 >>>


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archeologists are only now starting to realise the depth of the bond between the jungle folk and the jungle – entire copses carefully engineered for human and animal benefit, for food, shelter, medicine, seamlessly integrated with the jungle, artificial islands all over the place with entire miniature managed ecosystems, gigantic petroglyphs or roads or tracks for some purpose still unknown but at a scale that must have involved far larger social organising than our schools tell us stateless people could possibly achieve, the richness of the black soil of the forest itself fruit of their labour.

on the farms the lonely old men tell stories on how there’s still bugre bands out there, in the pampas somewhere, always hiding, roaming. angry. I am touched and honoured by these ghosts, but I wish they were there in the material plane.

Cultural genocide never stopped and is an explicit, proud goal of the Bolsonaro administration, who rejects this concept and gave all power over the few remaining Native folk to Christian missionaries.

Collabora is looking for a graphic designer. If that's your trade, and you are interesed in free software, apply!…

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Would people be interested in a series of blog posts about how I'm setting up my home server? Topics would include:
* Finding an old computer and preventing e-waste
* Fixing up the old computer
* Installing Debian 10
* Basics of ssh and connecting to the computer
* Securing: ssh keys, changing to non-standard ports, fail2ban, iptables
* Setting up WireGuard
* Setting up a cheap VPS as an edge router
* Traefik
* Docker
* Haproxy
* Ongoing maintanence

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sometimes good things happen too!
good morning 😌

(São Paulo bandeirante statues when)

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this poem has lived rent free in my brain since i first read it

We'll be meeting on New Moon to discuss a paper exploring the symbiotic relationship between woodpeckers and fungi.

🌑 🐦 🍄 🌲

The paper is open-access and relatively short. As always, details are on the Hyphal Fusion forum.

Anyone with an interest in mycology / ecology is welcome! If you feel nervous or unsure about joining, please don't hesitate to drop me a message for reassurance or more details.

I'm aiming to record the meeting so we can share more widely.


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Some points connected regarding why the vaccines aren't being distributed fairly across the world:

The utility of suffering, then, is the opportunity it affords us to become better human beings. It is the engine of our redemption.

- Nick Cave, musician
Red Hand Files #147


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I’m currently looking for work. If anyone has any programming contracts available, please let me know.

At this point in time, if anyone can help me by supporting me on Patreon I’d greatly appreciate it while I persue a stable income.

trans resistance in Colombia, eye contact photo 

trans latinas are too fierce for this world. :heart_eyes_cat_trans:

sources on instagram: @lilith_never_eve via @tdetravesti

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"Al-Kurd was just 11 years old when Jewish settlers forcibly took over half of his home in November 2009 and described sharing it with “squatters with Brooklyn accents” as “insufferable, intolerable [and] terrible”

Having lived in Brooklyn, it was maddening seeing the political class give the same settlers on our side of the Atlantic the same deferential treatment Israel was giving them. Settlers are not good neighbors...

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