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Intentional Misinformation - MN protests 

I have to speak up as someone who works in zoning/urban planning. The narrative of protesters in Minneapolis burning an affordable housing complex is COMPLETE SHIT. This is the website for the project:
As you can see, only 20% of the units are "affordable". Affordability here is based on the neighborhood's income, which will rise as more rich people move in. All this to say, people know what the hell they're burning. (pt 1)

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as someone who works in and went through drug recovery please please please delete the "they have to hit rock bottom for motivation" trope from your mind

it's not true it's not true in the slightest the earliest someone enters treatment the easier it will go

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seattlepol ++++++ 

SEVEN of our city council members have said that they are in favor of the demand to cut the police budget in half!!!!!!!!


Humanity and anti-racism are WINNING.

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Decolonization, Oklahoma, Indigenous Victory 

Supreme Court ruling states half of Oklahoma is indigenous land, removes US jurisdiction.
Let's keep this going till the white supremecist capitalist colonial empire is gone!

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Scholar Social is hosting a free online conference, #SummerSchool !

And we're looking for presenters!

If you're a writer, researcher, formal academic, or anyone with expertise that you'd like to share, presentation spots are 10-15 min long (no formal credentials required, open to people on any Fedi instance, not just

Sign up by 2020 July 12 here:

Helping Gallup out :-P What are you planning to do to help solve the overlapping crises in the US between now and the end of the year?

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DAPL, Decolonization, Indigenous Victory 

DAPL Shut Down! A massive victory of indigenous people against the US empire and fossil fuel megacorporations, capitalism itself.
"A Dream That Comes True”: Standing Rock Elder Hails Order to Shut Down DAPL After Years of Protest

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Take a listen to what our comrades have been working on. An essential part of abolition is listening to the voices of those trapped in prisons and jails. #PrisonsKill #FreeThemAll #abolishprisons
RT @prisonskill
Check out this episode of the It's A Good Day Show that features Justin Kaliebe's original #PrisonsKill essay.

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RT @agitateorganize
for anyone who wants to read the latest issue In The Belly: an abolitionist journal (@bellyzine), this 2nd issue features an essay from... Maroon Shoatz!


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asking for housing for queer person, Edimburgh, suicide mention, please boost! 

We ask for help for a queer comrade from our closer local network. She's stranded in here, jobless, living off state's support and struggling with mental health crisis, to the point she attempted to commit suicide just a few days ago.

This area is a small conservative province where social services don't do much to help anyone and mutual help networks aren't educated about ableism and mental health needs, so lack of support makes impossible for her to recover in here.

She already has a job waiting for her in Edimburgh, where she lived time ago and has way better chances of getting a life back.

She is arranging things to move in August or early September, but she needs to take her two dogs with her.

So she's asking for help with getting a place to live, a room for rent, in a house with a rear garden for about 550-650 pounds a month.

At this point is actually a matter of survival, she can't endure her situation much longer. Please boost and reply if you have any ideas about resources, tag local people who could help... Thanks in advance!

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Brazilian games company Behold is hiring trans women as story writers / worldbuilders for a tabletop about magical girls and cosplay. Full-time for 18 months, salary ain't bad either at r$5k.

if it wasn't so important for me to stay in Germany I'd be so all over this omg

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One part of the solution: a frequent flyer levy (or air miles levy).
It would mean higher ticket prices for rich frequent flyers, increasing with each flight one takes. The revenue could be used to finance alternatives, for example.

More about it here:

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the Tolkien hallucinatory effect 

Tolkien: "Bilbo sat in his comfortable chair." (is it puffy? firm? leather? silk? green? brown? is the wood clear or dark, or not wood at all? pillows? embroidered cover? we never learn – deliberately. "comfortable" is all you're ever getting.)

Tolkien readers: "LotR is fine but it’s boring to plow through because he’s so descriptive."

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Rojava, ISIS, incarceration, war/poverty/children discussion 

listening to a Kurdish woman who's a prime target for ISIS retaliatory brutality, who lost her brother to ISIS, passionately argue for rehabilitation of ISIS combatants is so powerful.
("The Women's War" podcast, ep. "Law and Order among the Anarchists".)

of the fall of the Caliphate: "this was no victory. look at this. look at these babies, orphans, malnutrition. we didn't win. nobody won."


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Let me tell you a story, an oral history of a people of the Great Lakes. My people. I don't tend to get spiritual, I was raised as someone who is immensely skeptical of myths and religions, but there is something about this story that resonates like a bell inside me. This is the story of a people who called themselves Anishinaabe--"Beings Made out of Nothing"

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on racism and human nature 

Ethnic conflict is not human nature. Human nature is coexistence. War is unnatural. "Us vs. them" is the justifications taught to us by greedy men who wanted to write history in their image. Racism and empire are new and unnatural concepts, concepts which we can choose to abandon, because killing each other is a good recipe to just leave us all dead. Compassion is written into our DNA. Spread the news.

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Only 5-20% of the world population has ever taken a flight.
Of the few percent of the world population who have ever flown, an even smaller proportion flies regularly. For example, numbers for England show that 10% of the residents take more than half of the flights abroad.

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Check out this new project from Tim, and then pre-order his new book Subprime Attention Crisis, coming in October from Logic x FSGO.


very excited to announce the launch of today!

adleaker is an anonymous whistleblower hotline where concerned insiders can release tips, docs, data, and info about the advertising industry to the general public (

☎️ signal: 929-305-1583 ☎️


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on centering black voices, long 

So, I have something for white liberals and even white leftists to explain what it means to let black voices take center stage.

A couple weeks ago I went to a protest that was organized by a local chapter of the DSA. It was a march to support BLM and protest against the signing of a new police union contract.

The thing is, though, among a few dozen people, there were probably less than 6 people of color there. It was white as a mall food court.

A lot of people spoke at the microphone, but only a couple black people did.

And you knew it was really some white liberal/progressive bullshit because the main message of the protest was "defund the police"

Later, a black person passing by yelled at them for not having more black people speaking, and they defended themselves by saying "we're on your side, we're in support of you and people like you, look, we even have signs that say black lives matter!"

I think they really missed the point, and they really missed an opportunity for introspection.

What they probably thought: "we're here for the right reasons, it's not our fault that no black people showed up!"

But what they should have been thinking is "why did no black people show up?"

I have to ideas for why that is. One, they didn't publicize the event well enough. This is likely, because few people showed up at all.

Second is that the message that they were there to convey, "defund the police" is not a message that people of color had any interest in, apparently. Because police without new cars and without new guns can still kill black people. Police without guns can still kill black people. Police without cars and guns that are still police can still kill black people.

Defund the police is a bullshit compromise that makes white people feel better, because they're scared about what the world would look like without any police at all. Because the police exist to protect the interest of people with property and resources.

This is a prime example of white people pushing their own politics in "speaking for" black people.

Don't do this. Jesus fucking christ don't do this. If you want to support black people, find some in your area that are organizing, and help them do that.

Don't be the white bread in the middle of the fucking loaf saying "but I'm doing this for you!"

Be the person asking black groups and organizers "what can I do to help you?"

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Fuck YES! They cancelled the Atlantic Coast Pipeline!!!!

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