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Dear Internet Beings,
I've been drawing people I think should be more famous (okay, Che's famous, but the others not so much) for an eventual calendar or something, but in the meantime, they're free-range art pieces that I am humbly putting up for sale...
All proceeds support a gay swirl and their cat, and their dream to one day form/join a rural sustainable economy/community.
Boosts appreciated 🔁​🙂​

Gonna do an experiment on Twitter where I respond to any troll-like or argument-inducing comments with "Bananas. 🍌" Will report back with results.

Cecosesola in Venezuela is probably coolest #cooperative ecosystem that practically in the US ever talks about. Everybody knows Mondragon and Emilia-Romagna, but when's the last time you heard about the Central de Cooperativas de Lara? Why is that, do you suppose?

Since „garden of magick“ is trending thanks to a @drawtober #drawtober2022 prompt, here‘s a repost of a drawing that @posiputt and I made together a few years back. It’s the magic of the mundane. x3

Everyone! Meet our grandfather!

Every modern mammal, from a platypus to a blue whale, is descended from a common ancestor that lived about 180 million years ago. The organization of its genome has now been computationally reconstructed.

Question: How can one find out what is one's main problem?

Krishnamurti: Why divide problems as major and minor? Is not everything a problems? Why make them little or big problems, essential or unessential problems? If we could understand one problem, go into it very deeply however small or big it is, then we would uncover all problems. This is not a rhetorical answer. Take any problem: anger, jealousy, envy, hatred - we know them all very well. If you go into anger very deeply, not just brush it aside, then what is involved? Why is one angry? Because one is hurt, someone has said an unkind thing; and when someone says a flattering thing you are pleased. Why are you hurt? Self-importance, is it not? And why is there self-importance?

Because one has an idea, a symbol of oneself, an image of oneself, what one should be what one is or what one should not be. Why does one create an image about oneself? Because one has never studied what one is, actually. We think we should be this or that, the ideal, the hero, the example. What awakens anger is that our ideal, the idea we have of ourselves, is attacked. And our idea about ourselves is our escape from the fact of what we are. But when you are observing the actual fact of what you are, no one can hurt you. Then, if one is a liar and is told that one is a liar it does not mean that one is hurt; it is a fact. But when you are pretending you are not a liar and are told that you are, then you get angry, violent. So we are always living in an ideational world, a world of myth and never in the world of actuality. To observe what is, to see it, actually be familiar with it, there must be no judgment, no evaluation, no opinion, no fear.

@LaComtesseRouge was listening to this recently, ... I fuckin stan Dr Tallbear across the board but she really gets at how like eugenics is definitely part of genomics and that western science has always been complicit in colonialism, but also how there's so much deeper of a spiritual and cultural harm in quantifying human beings as sequences of base pairs.

anyway if someone knows of an organization willing to fiscally sponsor OutKast ( I would be very grateful because I am fucking awful at crowdfunding and there are lots of people I'm trying to support and now I have to buy all new goddamn stamps because of JPAY disappearing

Putting in a late #inktober drawing on day 4 😌 Today's drawing is of CLR James, a Trinidadian historian, journalist and Marxist. He was the author of the 1937 work "World Revolution" outlining the history of the Communist International.
#CLRJames #MastoArt #Marxism

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@suetanvil @s3a @squeakypancakes
[Webtranslate] In France a person has created a bingo of medical maltreatment. "Indispensable resources if you have suffered any kind of abuse (validism, grossophobia, etc up to racism and sexism) by health professionals. Must read if you are a caregiver yourself!"

Been circling around a thought about how we live in a time period wherein individuals are held to an incredibly high standard when it comes to self-sufficiency but also are not the authorities on their own personhood or bodies. Western humans are expected to trust their doctors and lawmakers instead of their instincts or own research when it comes to what is happening in their own bodies.

As an example, you can be in pain, go to the doctor, and be told you're not in pain because there's no reason for you to be in pain. And the narrative of You, gets written down in your chart not as someone who is in pain but as someone who claimed to be in pain when they weren't.

But also we are at the peak of "not asking for help"/not living as social animals. A mother is now expected to be the entire village it takes to raise a child.

Isn't that strange? The juxtaposition of our insistence on individuality with the axiom that we are all unreliable narrators when it comes to ourselves?

school question - i don't want to go through the effort of acquiring adobe illustrator if i can help it. has anyone had success making complicated paper figures in krita? :boost_ok:

Sergio Toppi. I first read his work a few years ago and it had an impact on me I had not felt since reading Uzumaki a decade earlier. Toppi's art is like nothing else in comics, the entire page is a complete, singular work of art itself. It got me to think differently about the comics page and its truly limitless potential. #inspiration

CW: eye contact

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Fascism is a rich-gets-richer project that was created to divert energy from the class vs class struggle and instead getting the classes to cooperate vs some nebulous “other”.

We need to make damn sure that it’s not scapegoated people we go after; it’s institutions, groups, protocols, processses, methods, industries, lobbies.

Traditional ancom is a struggle too, vs the owner class (and intersectional social justice adds in sexists, racists, ableists), and that doesn’t feel fascistic to me. It’s anti-fascistic. Going after the boot that tramples your face forever seems pretty darn legit.

And the fossil industry and lobby is one hell of a boot.

#OtD 4 Oct 1901, militant anarchist and historian Renée Lamberet was born in Paris. She helped refugee children during the Spanish civil war, and was in close contact with Spanish fighters in the French resistance during the Nazi occupation

“Things that other men did were not for me. And I know that they would never understand what I was trying to do. It’s a different set of values, entirely.”

– Harlan Ellison

[from Shantyboat, A River Way Of Life, 1953]

Photo by Wes Modes.

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Anti-CDC vitriol 

Fuck the CDC and the people who blindly support it; if I lived next to the smug fucks who made this tombstone I'd put one out saying "I listened to the CDC". For anyone who thinks my feelings are coming out of nowhere, I encourage you to read any Naked Capitalism article about the CDC and its criminally negligent response to the disease.

Just a few minutes ago the german government announced that the village #Lützerath will be excavated to get the coal below. The whole village is squatted by climate activists, there are tree houses and more.

If you can, help to defend the village against fossil capitalism #LütziBleibt

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