Hey folks (signal boost appreciated): I'm working on a series of urban fantasy novels that will prominently feature solidarity economics (first one due to the publisher in September). Does anyone know of any co-ops open to giving access to their day to day operations for the sake of accurate storytelling? I really want to get the democratic practices and the mundane everyday stuff absolutely right. I think it is very important.

to give more context: I'm especially interested in any cooperative movie theaters (do any exist?), pubs, and printing presses, but I'm open to anything really. Also housing co-ops, intentional communities, and income sharing groups.


@cadwellsocialcoop Radix Media in Brooklyn NY is a cooperative printing press. I saw them on a local news program recently so they seem to be open to... being open! Also in Brooklyn are a few housing coops and the (in)famous Park Slope Food Coop. There is a coop/intentional housing Facebook group I could link you to if you want?

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