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Joe Biden, sexual assault fiend and mass murderer, asks fellow mass murderer and sexual assault fiend Andrew Cuomo to resign. Public still inexplicably convinced that voting matters.

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Andrew Cuomo, killer of nursing home residents during covid, years-long blocker of numerous proposals such as marijuana legalization and single payer healthcare that would have saved countless lives, staunch supporter of Israel and the police, backer of billionaires and landlords, found to have touched the women who helped him do all that, and that's why you should hate him now.

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...he also touched women outside his office, which I just read about, so this is clearly a broader case than I was letting on earlier, but my goodness it really should've been any number of other things that took the dude down. Like, how many people do your policies have to kill??? Why is the story just about these women? Where's the justice for everyone else??? Whatever, I left NY, I guess I shouldn't even care...


re: uspol, fixing headlines, sarcastic 

...but if we replace one murderer politician with another who DOESN'T fondle his coworkers, I guess we're all just cool with that? Cause that's what's gonna happen. And the new governor will probably work with the new NYC pig-mayor to increase police funding and generally punish poor folks for existing. Literally throwing money away would be better than paying taxes to these monsters...

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