Russia vs US economy 

The amount of economic carnage Biden and von der Leyen expect their own citizens to endure is even more tragic when considering how much better Russia is faring during the war so far.
A miniscule group of military/industrial folks have been in charge of this effort the whole time; economists and the broader business community weren't consulted before sanctions and other escalatory measures were enacted. (1/_)

re: Russia vs US economy 

...and the rest of us certainly will never be involved in any part of planning this war, because it's not about spreading or preserving dEmOcRaCy but about continuing to pour our money into the war machine after leaving Afghanistan, with a secondary effect of a massive economic shock which will disable our ability to fight back not only against this specific war, but against governments which for 2 pandemic years have favored capital over lives. (2/_)


re: Russia vs US economy 

Understood in this context, the $10 billion Biden offered to states and cities to beef up their police, and the new "disinformation governance board," can be seen as preparation for mass civil unrest as it dawns on Americans what they're being asked to sacrifice for a country they never thought much about before this year. If you live in the US, now's a good time to prepare for repression that til now you've only seen enacted by your military abroad... (3/3)

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