My 13 year old is asking for information about anarcho-communism. Anyone have any good sources of information I should share?



@yam655 Oooh yay! A self-learner. Also, I can't believe no one has answered this for 3 whole hours on the Fedi :-P Anyway, if you wanna be a "cool dad", recommending "Bullshit Jobs" (either the article
...or the book: )
...might be a good place to start. I also like the many examples of functioning anarchism (as opposed to theory) mentioned in "Anarchy Works": (1/_)

@yam655 Also, looking beyond white spaces is generally a good idea; this is a good primer on Zapatista principles (and a good site on Indigenous anarchism in general):
...and this is a good (though perhaps dense) primer on Black anarchist thinking:
There's also this podcast by two Black movement elders that I enjoy:
Hopefully others will chime in with their faves too :-) (2/2)

ya the two in the previous post were what I was gonna say esp for a young one, but I haven't read any of these, thanks for sharing

@joachim_kreativ @amikigu Thanks so much from my side too, I already recommend Graeber but my dyslexic teenager is much more interested in podcasts and the nonwhite sources are very welcome.

@amikigu @yam655 oh also the Works In Theory podcast if the kid likes to listen to things. It's pretty a light hearted and accessible.

The three hosts are all also very new to anarcho communism, and what they do is read a work than summarize and discuss it on the pod. Their tagline is actually "we read theory so you don't have to."

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