Forwarding from one of my favorite organizations:

"Dolores' Market was created in honor of my family's late titi who passed away from Covid-19. She was an incredible soul who was selfless, enjoyed music, crafting, and cooking. To honor her memory a portion of all vendor's fees will be used to create a scholarship award for 1 BIPOC student. More information to come!"

news headline fail 

In case you didn't know who the Guardian was for, look what got the red "EMERGENCY" treatment, complete with blinking circle...

re: Weird Global Warming Feelings 

Can't stop making comparison images. I've been to Koblenz, where this was taken, so I have a bit more familiarity with this one. It would be nuts to visit the park that sticks out into the confluence during these floods!

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re: Weird Global Warming Feelings 

For instance, here's an equestrian field and stable that got sucked into a gravel quarry just north of Blessem, Germany. Such poetic justice. But I hope the horses were okay...

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Part of why I gave up on the US is the constant desire of a terrifyingly high percentage of the population to constantly sweep abuse, trauma, war crimes, etc under the rug, and to allow the rehabilitation of public figures without any accountability. George W. Bush is but one of many examples. I was first aware of his rehabilitation with the Obamas in 2016...

Using all the stoplight and crosswalk data we've helped Google collect via CAPTCHA images over the years, we can now use Google Maps' very precise pedestrian directions to find Google and steal our data back...

My phone ran a scan and said I had some "bad photos." Turns out they were of the spider in my shower and the lizard I caught in a cup. I'm guessing the fact that the AI couldn't recognize non-human life forms meant that, to it, there was nothing of value. Meanwhile I had fought the camera's focusing AI for 5 minutes to get that spider pic in the first place; they're each so cool and unique! (and luckily not deadly in this case).

Cruel statement about cruel person 

I think this is the most viewed because millions of people were hoping that the word "Live" here meant that there was a video camera showing Rush Limbaugh literally dying from lung cancer. Good riddance...

COVID, excess deaths, uspol 

If we must have jails (not something I agree with, but most people still seem to be into them, so...), De Blasio, Cuomo, and Trump should in them. What NYC lived through last April was heinous, and completely preventable, and we continue to suffer the consequences of the normalization of this failure. We really don't have to live with these fools in charge; it's a choice we collectively make every day, and it's time to make different choices...

re: Captioning GIFs for mental health 

How registered Democrats feel about the effort Biden is putting into fundamentally changing conditions for the working class.

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Call to get prisoner released 

Rebel Elder and political prisoner aka is 77, has colon cancer and just tested positive for covid-19. He's in a cubicle in a prison gym, being denied medication and surgery for his cancer and is in dire need of release. Call PA Gov. Wolf and demand Maroon's release today: +1 717 787 2500

"Will Capitalism Feed Us? Nourishing an Appetite For a Cooperative World Beyond It"
Saturday, November 14, 2020
12:30 PM 5:30 PM

"What can we learn from the Black cooperative tradition at a time when Black people are again fighting for their economic survival due to the recent economic crisis caused by COVID-19 and still fighting against systemic oppression dating back to the founding of this country?"

Racist monuments replaced with Cardi B WAP fountain statue 

Whoops, I did this instead of work 😛 Also, can't be said enough, Mount Rushmore was known to local indigenous groups as "The Six Grandfathers" (Tȟuŋkášila Šákpe) or "Cougar Mountain" (Igmútȟaŋka Pahá). These mountains all have a history that goes deeper than what's happened to them in the last 100 years, and I can't wait til that history is honored again, unlike what I did here ;-)

NY State Rental Assistance Fail 

I mean, we all knew it would be like this. Every day we're not in the streets is a day we're losing to this monstrosity...

Feeling salty about anarchist meme 

I get the intent of this, but I feel like it gets a lot wrong. First, Black people aren't a monolith, but this implies to me that they are, and that they want whatever this white lady is saying. Second, BLM is intentionally leaderless (or leader-full really); if the "Black leadership" we're supposed to follow are those held up by largely white-owned media as "Black leaders" (looking at you Barack) then BLM stands in opposition to all that. (pt 1)

Nancy Pelosi Photoshop Fun 

This Photoshop takedown was prompted by this text message: "I...invite you to join Nancy Pelosi, Rev. William Barber, Dolores Huerta, and other civil rights leaders for a virtual rally to protect the right to vote." Yes, Pelosi truly is a civil rights leader, as we can tell from these images. I included a cutout of her so you can make your own :-D

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