Forwarding from one of my favorite organizations:

"Dolores' Market was created in honor of my family's late titi who passed away from Covid-19. She was an incredible soul who was selfless, enjoyed music, crafting, and cooking. To honor her memory a portion of all vendor's fees will be used to create a scholarship award for 1 BIPOC student. More information to come!"

The community health center I work at is offering free online workshops on things like yoga, breathing techniques, strength training, and more:

Boost away :-)

Third Root Community Health Center in Brooklyn NY is offering free and discounted services to "Black and Indigenous community members, trans women & femmes of color, and formerly incarcerated folks". You can apply here:
They offer online yoga and workshops, and they have in-person acupuncture and massage. (1 of 2)

Movie viewing about police raids 

“Raided” is a two-part documentary film project... Using the largest gang no-knock raid in New York City’s history as a starting point, the two-part series mixes personal stories with analysis to examine the consequences of “precision policing” in the United States.

Join May Day Space for an exclusive showing of Part Two, followed by a brief Q&A.

Third Root Community Health Center, a multi-racial, cross-class, intergenerational community, and a worker-owned cooperative, is having a fundraiser. If you're rich or can forward to people who are, now's the time to give them your $$. Boosts appreciated :-)

"Will Capitalism Feed Us? Nourishing an Appetite For a Cooperative World Beyond It"
Saturday, November 14, 2020
12:30 PM 5:30 PM

"What can we learn from the Black cooperative tradition at a time when Black people are again fighting for their economic survival due to the recent economic crisis caused by COVID-19 and still fighting against systemic oppression dating back to the founding of this country?"

Hi Internet, one of my favorite scrappy community groups (MayDay Space) is hosting its 2nd annual World of Witches event online this year. It will feature workshops and music, as well as an online vendors' market. Please feel free to boost, and let me know if you're aware of any pagan/witchy blogs or newsletters I could send this out to.

Third Root Community Health Center in Brooklyn NY is offering free classes and workshops for Black community members. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if a few Mastodonians benefited from this, even if they're not in Brooklyn! They're also doing calming activities for election day. Please boost so everyone can get to know Third Root (and give them your money if you can) :-)

I know someone who's offering some rooms for rent in an intentional community in Flatbush/Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Rents would be $1000/mo and up per room. DM me for more info. And boost away :-)

"Join us for a 6-week course on Race, Class & Revolution!"

"We [will] analyze the theoretical and political contributions that radicals of color in the US have made to the fight for human liberation. Topics include ideology, race ideology in the US, gender and sexuality, ... Communists in Harlem, the Young Lords, the Black Panthers, the Brown Berets, I Wor Kuen, and the American Indian Movement, among others."

Looking for work - graphics, web, 3D, maps 

Hi Mastodon, since enough of us haven't collectively just said "nope" to capitalism, I'm out here looking for paid work. I can work on cartography, basic 3D modeling, layout (print or 3D), graphic design, outdoor photography, photo editing, or responsive web design. Bonus points if it's for social/environmental justice. In case it matters, I'm in . Please feel free to boost :-)

Online Sliding-Scale Self-Healing Workshop 

Feel free to forward far and wide!

Apr 4 at 2:30pm
"We’ll practice self-massage and learn a basic routine of tapping acu points to help us move through acute emotional and physical pain. Techniques learned here can be blended into meditation, qigong, yoga, and other healing practices... An instructional document will be shared with participants."

re: For those with cash to spare 

Third Root Community Health Center is another lovely organization that could use your help during this time. They're also a collective, and they try to keep care affordable for poor folks, while centering trans, queer, and POC leadership.

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For those with cash to spare 

...donating to MayDay Space, a collectively run neighborhood organizing venue in Brooklyn, NY, isn't the worst thing you could be doing with your money right now. But buying from Amazon sure is :-D

COVID-19 - reactions to facemasks 

Fun fact: If you and your partner walk through the park wearing masks in a town that's become a hotspot for a deadly global pandemic, the 98% of parkgoers not wearing masks will look at you with dread and scorn for not wallowing in denial like the rest of them.

Rent Strike in NYC 

Some folks in NYC put together this lovely website about rent strikes. If you're in the area, now's a good time to get involved!

Job Posting - POC-led food co-op in Brooklyn 

"We’re looking for a dynamic community organizer who will take the CBFC from its current organizing phase to the opening of its retail storefront by inspiring public excitement in CBFC and dramatically expanding the CBFC membership. A competitive candidate is someone who is a fearless recruiter and has strong people... skills, including the effective use of digital organizing tools."

Putting out the call for the Central Brooklyn Food Cooperative fundraiser again. I just attended a trivia night with them yesterday, and it was amazing to learn about the lineage of black-owned cooperative spaces in the city over the decades. Hopefully this can be an addition to that legacy!

Central Brooklyn Food Coop is finally happening! Help them get started with this Kickstarter 🙂

They're by and for a mostly black community, and are going to be working to improve the links between regional farms and the city. Big ambitions for a food coop, and a welcome alternative to the often-less-revolutionary Park Slope Food Coop.

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