Forwarding from one of my favorite organizations:

"Dolores' Market was created in honor of my family's late titi who passed away from Covid-19. She was an incredible soul who was selfless, enjoyed music, crafting, and cooking. To honor her memory a portion of all vendor's fees will be used to create a scholarship award for 1 BIPOC student. More information to come!"

nyc politics, negative 

"Progressives" aren't even asking to abolish the police, just to defund a politically acceptable amount. They want a green new deal full of capitalist handouts and continued resource extraction, not a restructuring of our infrastructure and supply chains towards sustainable, just, and autonomous modes of living. And yet, Eric Adams is out here swinging his dick around against even these modest reforms. He's going to destroy what's left of ...

re: Don't move to NYC 

Obviously, as the pandemic showed, only rich people can really afford to leave en masse, but there are so many exciting possibilities (like shipments of food from rural folks to striking/protesting folks in cities) that I hope we'll see in the years ahead. If NYC can be forced to change, hopefully so too can the rest of the nation... (9/9)

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Don't move to NYC 

Your landlord will be a human garbage pile who would rather kick you out than fix your stove. You will never be rich enough to own your own place. Its radical left is splintered in a thousand different pieces because of the churn of gentrification destroying communities and heavy policing, and is often outperformed by sneaky nonprofits who suck up money and energy. Everyone is working too hard to chase their own dreams, leaving no time to work on collective projects. (1/_)

There's a VICE documentary about radical/revolutionary folks who created an acupuncture-based detox program in the Bronx in the 1970s:

...and my lil' ol' health center is hosting a workshop talking about the history of acupuncture and TCM in the US:

The workshop is sliding scale and online :-)

NYC pol, mayoral candidates 

Literally there is nothing else that matters to me besides eliminating the police and all illegitimate authority. Paperboy Prince for NYC mayor!! (And down with mayors!).

NYPD, negative 

Do not move to NYC if you don't want to be part of all the tech dystopias everyone has been predicting for years. This is all completely preventable, but it requires working on our social technology instead of our military technology, and I sometimes feel like it'll take a solar flare for enough people to find that internal/social development to be worth their while...

NYC, coronavirus, bad data 

Looking at this coronavirus tracker: would seem that in January of this year, new cases in NYC were as high as the initial peak last March. But then, strangely, hospitalizations are only around 1/4 of what they were last March. Since people aren't suddenly less overweight/diabetic/old this time around, this says to me that we actually were hitting something like 26,000 new cases/day last March, not 5,500/day. (1 of _)

NYPD (negative), street safety 

This fella has a guide on how to disable NYPD robot dogs, because it's 2021 and why wouldn't our lizard-person overlords have foisted this upon us without our consent...

Third Root Community Health Center in Brooklyn NY is offering free and discounted services to "Black and Indigenous community members, trans women & femmes of color, and formerly incarcerated folks". You can apply here:
They offer online yoga and workshops, and they have in-person acupuncture and massage. (1 of 2)

Movie viewing about police raids 

“Raided” is a two-part documentary film project... Using the largest gang no-knock raid in New York City’s history as a starting point, the two-part series mixes personal stories with analysis to examine the consequences of “precision policing” in the United States.

Join May Day Space for an exclusive showing of Part Two, followed by a brief Q&A.

uspol, negative, NYC, ICE 

This could have been me. Or any of my friends. And of course no major media outlet is covering this, because Everything's Fine Now That Joe Biden Is Our Next President. And when I bring things like this up to family or friends their eyes glaze over and they stay silent until there's a chance to talk about something else.

Third Root Community Health Center, a multi-racial, cross-class, intergenerational community, and a worker-owned cooperative, is having a fundraiser. If you're rich or can forward to people who are, now's the time to give them your $$. Boosts appreciated :-)

"Will Capitalism Feed Us? Nourishing an Appetite For a Cooperative World Beyond It"
Saturday, November 14, 2020
12:30 PM 5:30 PM

"What can we learn from the Black cooperative tradition at a time when Black people are again fighting for their economic survival due to the recent economic crisis caused by COVID-19 and still fighting against systemic oppression dating back to the founding of this country?"

uspol, racism, vent 

What. The. Shit. NYC is run by Democrats. NY State is run by Democrats. For 8 years we had a Democratic president. And yet NYC has tens of thousands of people, a majority of which are people of color, living without piped water in their homes. I literally don't know why there's any loyalty to the political process that gives us these results. Down with it all!

Hi Internet, one of my favorite scrappy community groups (MayDay Space) is hosting its 2nd annual World of Witches event online this year. It will feature workshops and music, as well as an online vendors' market. Please feel free to boost, and let me know if you're aware of any pagan/witchy blogs or newsletters I could send this out to.

I know someone who's offering some rooms for rent in an intentional community in Flatbush/Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Rents would be $1000/mo and up per room. DM me for more info. And boost away :-)

"A "Guerrilla Garden" Is Growing In NYCHA's Queensbridge Houses"

Among all the traumatic things that are happening in this city, which was one of the worst hit by COVID, this is just so beautiful. There's a picture of a little girl in a stack of tires that is just The Best...

"Join us for a 6-week course on Race, Class & Revolution!"

"We [will] analyze the theoretical and political contributions that radicals of color in the US have made to the fight for human liberation. Topics include ideology, race ideology in the US, gender and sexuality, ... Communists in Harlem, the Young Lords, the Black Panthers, the Brown Berets, I Wor Kuen, and the American Indian Movement, among others."

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