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People have been sharing my funeral post, and I want to thank everyone for doing that. But I’m bumping because I still need $250 for travel costs. Please pitch in if you can, and if you can’t, I would appreciate it if you would spread the word. ❤️

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Y'all in the Fediverse probably have a better sense of what I'm about than some random hiring folk at some random company I'll find online.

So if you have - or know of - some remote writing work you think I might fit with, let me know! I've done everything from fake news content farming to technical business operations documentation.

Words! I got lots of 'em, and a knack for putting them in a good order. Pay me to do that about shit you care about, we both win.

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I've only posted about this followers-only so far, but I'm probably going to lose my job (and so need to move, because my job is as the on-sitemanager for an apartment building)

I'd like to transition to doing remote writing (I have professional experience), but also, focus more on providing decolonal actions and education.

I need y'all's help for that. If you can, consider donating via emsenn.net/support/

The closer y'all get me to covering expenses, the more decolonial writing I can do!

rare crosspost from hellsite, heads-up NYC folk!

missing PNW trans woman last seen in NYC Jan 13th:

"If anyone has any information on Jade’s whereabouts please speak up! Apparently she used her debit card in NYC on Jan. 13 but no one knows anything about them since then. I hope she is found safe and soon. t.co/vELMbqR88q"

Updated link & images ~~ we are going to sue the Japanese government to recognize my gender transition and our marriage! Please donate if you can and share as widely as possible and help both us and the community here! THANK YOU!!!!


2/2, boosts appreciated 

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We are going to sue the Japanese government to recognize my gender transition and our marriage! Crowdfunding is LIVE! Please donate if you can and share as widely as possible and help both us and the community here! Thank You!


I’m going to be $200 short for rent in February

Please help

PayPal: lughhudson@protonmail.com

i know this is really casting about in the dark, but if anyone out there has some advice for/ can recommend a job listing for a recent political science graduate in nyc i'd love to hear about it/chat.

We are looking for candidates who meet the following requirements:

Transgender, nonbinary, or gender diverse
Experience in social services or serving on a nonprofit board
Familiarity with Binghamton or Broome County, New York

Degree in the humanities preferred but not required.

Please message Sapphire at @genderlessmenace666
Or alternatively, email us at transbinghamton at gmail.

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anyone looking for someone to work on EE/FPGA/RF/device driver projects part-time? hit me up, I've got skills and time

my gf and i are being evicted in April. anyone know much about housing co-ops anywhere in New York State? we're currently in the Falls

I just got confirmation from my home state that I am indeed registered to vote. There's a new law that says that Americans living overseas need to re-up their registration every calendar year. If you want to vote in the primaries, do this ASAP, as it took a few weeks for my confirmation to arrive.

See votefromabroad.org/ for more information.

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URGENT: Mentally Ill Prisoners in Raleigh Prison Being Tortured.

Call to Action

16 folks incarcerated at Central Prison in Raleigh, NC are going on a hunger strike starting Monday January 20, 2020 as an act of comradery to the 200 prisoners being tortured in Unit One (a mental health unit). They need your help to make the calls on Monday, January 20th. And if you have the time thereafter, call any other day you can until their demands are met and those sixteen hunger strikers can eat again.

So basically we have exactly two weeks to get a lawyer and it's gonna cost us $4000 up front, so anything anyone can spare and/or any boosts will help

Venmo: @steviemcfly
Cash App: $steviexmcfly

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