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guillermo del toro should play bloodborne and make a modern sequel about kids being exploited for their stem cells

from software is the guillermo del toro of videogames

The cosmological model has a 'big bounce' instead of a 'big bang', inflationary acceleration out of the bounce, and a smooth transition to an era of decelerative coasting, followed ultimately by a return to de Sitter-like exponential expansion.

The 'cosmological constant' Λ {\displaystyle \Lambda } \Lambda is replaced by a net repulsive density of gravitating matter owed to the presence of primordial drainhole 'tunnels' and continuous creation of new tunnels, each with its excess of repulsion over attraction.
Those drainhole tunnels associated with particles of visible matter provide their gravity; those not tied to visible matter are the unseen 'dark matter'. 'Dark energy' is the net repulsive density of all the drainhole tunnels.

By disallowing Einstein's unjustified 1916 assumption that inertial mass is a source of gravity, Ellis arrives at new, improved field equations, a solution of which is a cosmological model that fits well the supernovae observations that in 1998 revealed the acceleration of the expansion of the universe.[5] In these equations there are two scalar fields minimally coupled to the space-time geometry with opposite polarities.

I wish all these companies using the women's day for marketing purposes made salaries public.

It’s raining and people are in a cheery mood

This goes for pretty much every metric, really. Workplaces can be deeply traumatizing places. The abuse is just so normalized, especially under capitalism, that we tend to overlook it.

Take care when evaluating the apparent autonomy of job candidates: Many if not most have come from environments with pathological levels of active resistance to employee autonomy, so the candidate may be overcoming real trauma to demonstrate much autonomy at all.

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My website is down because I can't afford hosting. However, I also can't afford to see a doctor or buy underwear. So give me money for any and all things. I need it.

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