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a financial observation re: impending catastrophes 

The site of persistence of EBV may be bone marrow. EBV-positive patients who have had their own bone marrow replaced with bone marrow from an EBV-negative donor are found to be EBV-negative after transplantation.

The latent programs reprogram and subvert infected B-lymphocytes to proliferate and bring infected cells to the sites at which the virus presumably persists. Eventually, when host immunity develops, the virus persists by turning off most (or possibly all) of its genes, only occasionally reactivating to produce fresh virions. A balance is eventually struck between occasional viral reactivation and host immune surveillance removing cells that activate viral gene expression.

Following natural infection with EBV, the virus is thought to execute some or all of its repertoire of gene expression programs to establish a persistent infection. Given the initial absence of host immunity, the lytic cycle produces large numbers of virions to infect other (presumably) B-lymphocytes within the host.

use of pig liver cells, human liver cells, human liver cancer cells, and some immortal cell lines, for wholistic liver support devices:

we don't regard any of our other drives as casually as we do the most important one--self-determination--except during armed revolutions.

i suppose that's the only time it's convenient to fully acknowledge it.

dysphoria is a poor name for it. one might as well enter "hunger" into the ICD-12 and prescribe "balanced macro and micro nutrients".

a well-nurtured, tested, and self-calibrated intrinsic awareness of self, and the drive to realize it, is not an "affliction". it's a purpose.

ok, big breath. that's the main highlights of the paper! i have some historical leads to chase down as well as some more clues into The Mystery of the Excised Clitoris. (i want to say it's a locked-room mystery but i don't actually know the entry policies for ORs, so...)

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how doctors evaluate the coochie 

how doctors evaluate the coochie 

how doctors evaluate the coochie 

re: surgery 



surgery, straight? sex 

surgery, graphic bloody picture 

this paper, by the way, is

if you read it, be prepared for some basic paternalising/bigoted talk in the abstract before they get down to business


if you would like to help me continue to wade through this particular surgical swamp and maybe also get to med school and change it, donations are deeply appreciated:

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