anyone looking for someone to work on EE/FPGA/RF/device driver projects part-time? hit me up, I've got skills and time

my gf and i are being evicted in April. anyone know much about housing co-ops anywhere in New York State? we're currently in the Falls

I just got confirmation from my home state that I am indeed registered to vote. There's a new law that says that Americans living overseas need to re-up their registration every calendar year. If you want to vote in the primaries, do this ASAP, as it took a few weeks for my confirmation to arrive.

See for more information.

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URGENT: Mentally Ill Prisoners in Raleigh Prison Being Tortured.

Call to Action

16 folks incarcerated at Central Prison in Raleigh, NC are going on a hunger strike starting Monday January 20, 2020 as an act of comradery to the 200 prisoners being tortured in Unit One (a mental health unit). They need your help to make the calls on Monday, January 20th. And if you have the time thereafter, call any other day you can until their demands are met and those sixteen hunger strikers can eat again.

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This is an emergency. South Dakota is pushing to pass a law that would make affirming trans youth a crime. It is extreme and dangerous. If they succeed, it could start a tidal wave of these horrendous bills. We have already lost trans advocates in South Dakota and we need to lift up our people. Mobilize to oppose HB1057.

So basically we have exactly two weeks to get a lawyer and it's gonna cost us $4000 up front, so anything anyone can spare and/or any boosts will help
Venmo: @steviemcfly
Cash App: $steviexmcfly

Hi Mastodon, could you take a look at these very beautiful #handmade #crochet blankets, made by my son J. *Proud parent emoji*

J is gay & trans & trying to raise money by selling his works of crochet art. He is working part time & does loads of community activism, so I offered to help by putting these up for him.

Reasonable offers are welcome, bearing in mind that they are large & take many, many hours work. If you are interested & want to know more, let me know.

The Black Trans Travel Fund is a mutual-aid project developed in order to help provide Black transgender women with the financial resources needed to be able to self-determine safer alternatives to travel, where women feel less likely to experience verbal harassment or physical harm. This project was created out of direct response to the relentless and unacceptable violence Black transgender women across the country have been experiencing. We are currently providing our service to Black trans women in New York and New Jersey, and will be working to expand our efforts to other states soon!

#MutualAid #Transgender
#NY #NJ #Travel #Fund

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haven't forgotten this thread, yall

just going through my own stuff

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Ok, we need all hands on deck. We need to raise $1500 and we’re only 65% of the way there. Deadline is December 31st at midnight. Can you make a quick donation now to help us run a strong campaign?

Our money comes from people like you giving only what they can. If even 5% of the people reading this post chip in just a little bit, we could hit our goal in just a few hours. Please make a donation right now. Everything helps, no matter how big or small your contribution.


Hello, I am a progressive transgender dem candidate. I have officially filed for the race for Texas House of Representatives District 83.

I am facing a conservative dem candidate in the primary and then facing an ultra-conservative incumbent in the general. He's the one that co-authored the bill in the past to try to ban transgenders from using the bathroom which aligns with gender.

I am pro-choice, pro-union, pro-equality.
Check out my page for info and to donate


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on queer mental health 

on queer mental health 

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