is there anybody on this godforsaken network who is rich and powerful?

everyone thinks they're funny but no one clicks boost

@amphetamine if that worked we'd have had them killed already, sorry


if there is, they sure as hell ain't telling

but maybe they're listening? 😔 one can hope ❤️

@amphetamine i will boost you friend. i am rich in boosts to give, and powerful in boosting ability


I got a little distracted, but I fixed, sorries <3

@amphetamine there are definitely rich ppl but they hide behind "I'm a boring techbro" exteriors

@hypolite @migratory i messaged you separately but it doesn't seem to have reached you...

There was Wil Wheaton but a bunch of assholes harassed the fuck our of him.

@amphetamine rich enough to own a car and be debt-free in a few years. Does that count?

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