i revisit this article @sargoth wrote very often, mentally

it made a new thing in my mind and world and i treasure it:

"Books are friends, which we keep around because they make for good company..In the act of reading, we are in the company of the text and the motions it performs ..In the act of writing, we provide company for someone else as they (eventually, maybe) read our words and take in what we have to say. The point of writing thus, at some level, becomes to provide good company, and the point of writing about what others have written is to become a part of this company of friends."

-- @sargoth

anyway the point is that i care about you very much, and this is one of the ways i think through it

@amphetamine wow I enjoyed reading that post, thank you for sharing it and @sargoth for writing it

@staticsafe @sargoth has a calming, unique voice

it was one of the first i heard when i arrived here

it's very special to me

@amphetamine @sargoth

Let me take the opportunity to say: Thank you.

Thank you for sharing this.

@JensE @sargoth

i can't take any credit for it, and now i feel i have to mention there is a way to pay them for their writing:

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