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Hello I'm Bram, freesoftware dev, queer, organiser of $stuff and anti-capitalist.

My main actions during the last 10 years were around protecting and decentralizing the internet from talking to EU MEP, to building local associative ISP and self hosting server but I mostly work on @yunohost now.

I also did super nerdy things

But don't be fooled, I mostly shitpost and post cute animals gif 😋

Exhaustive list of my contributions

If you like RSS feed and are interested in following new apps and updates, we now have a bi-mensual RSS feed summarizing what happens :toot: !

You can follow this feed :

(This is still a bit experimental so please tell us if you encouter issues with it 😋 !)

Annnnd we just released YunoHost 3.2 😋 ! This version includes a new key feature which we anticipate will make a difference in debugging issues such as failed app installs ✌️ !

Several improvements were also made in the admin documentation 📄 !

In the meantime, we are also creating a french association called "Support Self-Hosting" (SSH :thinkerguns: ) to help with receiving donations / grants and deciding how to allocate the monee™ 💰.

More info on the release note :

Just added a #squid 3 #proxy package for #yunohost. It has #ldap integration too. Please feel free to test it and open an issue.

Des gens intéressés par une intégration de #PixelFed à #Yunohost ?
Vous avez quelques connaissances techniques ?
Il y a besoin d'un peu d'aide pour finaliser l'application, si vous avez un peu de temps à donner au projet 🙂

🇬🇧 🇺🇸
Anyone interested in a #PixelFed integration into #Yunohost ?
You have some technical knowledge ?
There's a need for help to finalise the app, if you have some time to give to the project 🙂

ping @yunohost @pixelfed

#YunoHost will be at the PyCon Fr 2018 😋 !

Feel free to join our team to contribute during a sprint (Thursday 6th and Friday 7th) !

#pycon #pyconfr #python

Vous voulez pas refaire (Open)LDAP en go ou en rust ou je sais pas quoi mais faire en sorte que ça soit -simple- et plus une plaie dans le pieds de tous les admins du monde ?

Sudden realization: XMPP could have been ActivityPub actually, if it wasn't what it is today.

C'est l'angoisse quand même cette histoire de traverser la rue. T'imagines t'es trankiloute à te rendre au tabac presse pour gratter des bancos et PAF t'es plongeuse.

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Hello ! Je suis sysadmin Linux et suis en quête d’un emploi à mi-temps sur Bruxelles. Si tu entends parler d’une offre, hésite pas à partager :)

Hey CCC, if Linus (the biggest asshole on the planet) can recognize he was wrong for 30 years and take time to reflect, *you* can also apologize for what happened last year and take time off to reflect. Leave 35c3 to the Angels, and go draft a CoC.

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One of the best side effect of inexisting good search feature of mastodon is the absence of totally stupid bots that answers to some research.

I use now #Mastodon to enable comments and to show likes and reshares on my otherwise static webpage. I wrote a small JavaScript and PHP script for it which you can find here: Feel free to reuse it. 🙂 #comments #blog

Découverte d'une bactérie, dans la salive de l'ours brun de Sibérie, produisant un antibiotique contre le staphylocoque doré.
Comme quoi ça peut être utile de préserver la biodiversité !

"This is 'Keys'. She keeps putting her paws in the air and nobody knows why." -

So I was browsing the internet when I saw this

Ce qui est bien avec les nerds c'est qu'iels font toustes la même blague x)

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