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Hello I'm Bram, freesoftware dev, queer, organiser of $stuff and anti-capitalist.

My main actions during the last 10 years were around protecting and decentralizing the internet from talking to EU MEP, to building local associative ISP and self hosting server but I mostly work on @yunohost now.

I also did super nerdy things

But don't be fooled, I mostly shitpost and post cute animals gif 😋

Exhaustive list of my contributions

La politique française, toujours plus loin dans le ridicule, paywall (médiapart) 

The feeling when you fix a bug that didn't made sens at all at the beginning :blobmelt:

I guess that after the rise, it's the beginning of slowly seeing a good part of self hosting software dying one after the other :/ (arkOS and not sandstorm)

It's not really a good sign at all.

Coming from webframeworks and ORM, reading nodejs code really looks like people have gone back to the old time of PHP without any lib/framework at all (but with callbacks -_-') and just write a shitload of plain boilder plate code which I just don't understand especially with how much there is a ridiculously high number of lib for nodejs 😐

TIL that, at least under firefox on linux, you can do a "copy image" on a tab and ctrl+v on mastodon (and similar stuff) and have the image "uploaded" on your toot instead of having to download it.

TIL there is a giant squirrel living in India and it's full of color and pretty as feuk

Just look at those fluffy paws 😍😍😍

I'm a team on github with a RoR project and if I've really learned something is that zomg there are so much vulnerability in RoR's dependencies plz stop doing bad codes devs I'm tired of being spam by security issues T_T (this is just for today but it's an especially bad day) (at least it's a beta project not in prod but gosh)

Les étoiles de mer c'est quand même assez débile : ça a plein de bras mais... Ça se déplace pas avec des bras mais avec... Des minis bras sous ses bras x_x

Combien faut il de furries pour changer une ampoule ? 

Customizing django builtin is probably the worst experience I've ever hard with this framework, that and debugging static files when it wasn't automatically included in the configuration years ago.

Il existe depuis peu un moteur de recherche pour les vidéos de toutes les instances #PeerTube listées sur

Le projet est expérimental donc attendez-vous à des bugs !

Ça se passe ici :


a new character!! >:D
I have so much ideas hngg -- I'd put them up as adopts but I love em too much ;;w;;

here's the DA link if you wanna see it a little more clearly! c:
#mastoart #snail #cat #oc

@bram My daughter does. She says it helps keep the tablet clean and when she uses the touch screen ti draw it doesnt accidently put things in the wrong place.

Observing a pissed off person trying your software is definitively an interesting UX test scenario u.u'''

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