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Hello I'm Bram, freesoftware dev, queer, organiser of $stuff and anti-capitalist.

My main actions during the last 10 years were around protecting and decentralizing the internet from talking to EU MEP, to building local associative ISP and self hosting server but I mostly work on @yunohost now.

I also did super nerdy things

But don't be fooled, I mostly shitpost and post cute animals gif 😋

Exhaustive list of my contributions

@JordiGH so, I finally made my patch for mercurial!

Actually I've made 2:
- one bugfix
- and the other one for a better error message

I would have liked to make an even better error message but since I can't predict the content of "params" it's a bit hard :/

#Time4VPS has created #Yunohost image so that Yunohost could be installed on there #VPS on a single click like you install any other #Linux OS.

Its a great way to use Yunohost for people who find difficulty to install Yunohost from command-line.

The detail article on how to install Yunohost on Time4VPS VPS is here:

Thanks for TIme4VPS team for there initiative to provide Yunohost as #self-hosting solution for there VPS.

[FR] Avec une trentaine de nouveaux entrants, la famille d'exodus privacy s'agrandit et compte 181 pisteurs ! Certains rapports s'alourdissent mais l'application exodus reste toujours aussi propre.

[EN] With about 30 new comers, the Exodus Privacy family has grown and contains now 181 trackers! Some reports rose but the exodus application still remains clean.

Les dinosaures sont en vrai des gros dindons tueurs géants confirmed

i feel like my whole life as a millennial has just been watching dinosaurs get less and less cool

Dites, le mastodon qui aime le gros hardware, est-ce que ça vaut la peine de prendre un SSD 6 gb/s alors que la carte mère fait du 3 gb/s ou c'est stupide ? Je me dis que l'amélioration de tout ce qui est à côté en vaut probablement la peine.

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... and in #GoodNews, #Wire not only confirms they're working on secure, federated chat, but #federation will be part of the #MLS protocol being standardized at the #IETF :
"During this interim the proposal was made to include federation more strongly in the design considerations and the proposal was adopted as a future goal for MLS. Wire's goal has always been to achieve federation between different compatible backends and this brings us one step closer to that goal!"

Dear #YunoHost Translators,

we had some issues in a past few weeks / months where new strings were not properly added to Weblate (also our instance was quite old 🤔).

This should now be fixed thanks to @jibec so new strings should be available for translation :blobcatcoffee: !

Feel free to have a look at and don't hesitate to ping us if something ain't working as it should. Thank you for all your work 😍 !

Et donc si vous reconnaissez des gens en lisant cet article, c'est tout simplement normal.

Je garde un souvenir douloureux de l'été 2016. Une prise de conscience pour moi et d'autres personnes impliquées dans Tor d'avoir merdé pendant longtemps, d'avoir participé aux conditions favorisant de nombreuses violences, beaucoup à caractères sexistes et sexuelles.

Ce texte est une des meilleures choses qui en soient sorties :

À lire par toute personne qui a un minimum de responsabilité dans un collectif, une association, ou même une entreprise.

Un texte primordial pour comprendre et arrêter d'avoir des mecs toxiques dans nos groupes militants. <3 sur tout-e-s celleux qui l'ont traduit
En finir avec les rock stars : comment faire cesser les agressions dans nos communautés Show more Show more

En finir avec les rock stars : comment faire cesser les agressions dans nos communautés

So it turns out that people have been doing super cool video about Dune's (arrakis) lore, this is so much my dope *^*

I'm falling back in my Dune's obsession /o\

Les gens, si vous en avez les compétences et que vous voulez voir arriver #Pixelfed pour #Yunohost, il y aurait besoin d'un peu d'aide pour faire avancer l'intégration 🙂

Hey folks, if you have the skills and if you want to get @pixelfed ready for @yunohost, it needs some help to improve the integration 🙂

ping @jibec 🙂

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