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Hello I'm Bram, freesoftware dev, queer, organiser of $stuff and anti-capitalist.

My main actions during the last 10 years were around protecting and decentralizing the internet from talking to EU MEP, to building local associative ISP and self hosting server but I mostly work on @yunohost now.

I also did super nerdy things

But don't be fooled, I mostly shitpost and post cute animals gif 😋

Exhaustive list of my contributions

Une épée en fait c'est juste un bâton qui coupe.

Bouffe, la BRETAGNE 

Je vais faire un t-shirt cursed avec marqué dessus "breizh une fois" :>

Vois croyez que les bros bretons ils s'appellent les brotons ?

Bouffe, alcool, jpp, la BRETAGNE 

Bouffe, alcool, jpp, la BRETAGNE 

Bouffe, alcool, jpp, la BRETAGNE 

Bouffe, alcool, jpp, la BRETAGNE 

Bouffe, alcool, jpp, la BRETAGNE 

idiot, NSFW, yunohost (somehow) 

We are happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 3.6 \o/ ! 🎉

It comes with:
- a new unified application list, with more than 100(!) well-packaged apps
- UX improvements in the self-upgrade mechanism, and various stuff for the CLI (autocompletion, manpage, ... 👌)
- progress on some features which are still experimental (app actions and config panel)
- updated translations !
- annnd manymany fixes / enh :blobcatcoffee:

Check out the release note for all the details 😘

Fédiverse drama:

Tired: pain au chocolat vs chocolatine vs coque au chocolat
Wired: "j'aime pas les lasagnes"

My current passion is tweeting noob advice for mercurial and expecting core dev telling me that there is a better way to do that or that my plugins are deprecated since 10 versions x)

So you are lost inside you zillion of #mercurial commits and just want to see the diff of the current one? Worry not and add this wonderful alias!

current = log -p -r . -T '{node}\n'

En fait si on appelle les pâtes des pâtes c'est parce que c'est de la pate qu'on fait bouillir mais on l'a coupé en morceau donc c'est dénombrables donc c'est des pâtes.

@JordiGH ah also, dunno if I can ask you directly this kind of questions, sorry '^'

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