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Hello I'm Bram, freesoftware dev, queer, organiser of $stuff and anti-capitalist.

My main actions during the last 10 years were around protecting and decentralizing the internet from talking to EU MEP, to building local associative ISP and self hosting server but I mostly work on @yunohost now.

I also did super nerdy things

But don't be fooled, I mostly shitpost and post cute animals gif 😋

Exhaustive list of my contributions

That's probably the most boring http server I've ever written (and least it was easy and a bit fun to do)

It's pretty small but a bit not totally trivial (in memory shared db, async, network, dns, json), maybe I'll try rewriting it other languages as a learning material 🤔 (I still want to have reason to write rust and elixir)

That misskey mastodon client looks cool '-'

Random debian nerdy information: unattended_upgrades is written in python, sadly it's shipped as a script and not as a module that imports things so you can't use it as a lib :(

Anyway, I'm writing yet another web server for our infra.

It's a bit ridiculous the number of custom tools with have.

Working on YunoHost is also spending so much time adding code to handle all super specific and custom weird setup that people can come up with -.-

A server should always be able to reach itself via http if it has an http server installed by reaching one of his domain with his public IP? Right?

Lol no.

And that's even not uncommon at all.

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Parfois il est bon de rappeler que pour ouvrir un bug chez debian y a une page de documentation entière et qu'il faut utiliser un programme pour correctement formater les pseudo headers magique de son mail pour ouvrir le ticket.

Et après ils comprennaient pas et ralaient que ubuntu avait plus de succès ... (tip: ils sont bossés sur l'UX eux.)

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En 2019, perl via apt-get te fait encore chier avec un milliard de warning si t'as pas les bonnes locales d'installé alors que ça sert à rien dans son cas et que ça pourri les logs et ça fait flipper les users.

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@yunohost has now 3 apps for #federated #blogging application.

1. Plume:
2. Writefreely:
3. Osada(with Articles, Wiki and long posts):

Which is your favourite? Which features you like that is not present in other app? Which platform is ideal for blogging?

I leave these questions to be answered by our precious and enthusiastic people using #Yunohost

Being an adulte is also realizing you can make your own pizza by yourself :blobmelt:

Quand j'explique que j'ai pas aimé un jeu (wonderboy) dans une discussion qui suit la description de ma partie de factorio :blobangry:

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Can't wait for pixelfeed to be a thing so I can be on top of the fake internet points game with my big cat and yummy food x)

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