@bram Curse the SEC for preventing me from having some real fun surviving in this capitalist system by running my own crypto scams

@bram potential applications actually seem to go far beyond cryptocurrencies. Just read about this on one of my other Masto accounts: cointelegraph.com/news/worlds-

@moormaan in 10 years the only usages that came out of the blockchain are : speculation and selling drugs, we've yet to see anything useful coming out of it and the current buzz is really not worth it

(tbh I know one real interesting usage in ring but it's well known at all and that's really small)

@bram there are interesting uses for a blockchain outiside cryptocurrency area. Twister, NameCoin, are two. But I generally agree with the sentiment. ;)

@bram i was at a conference that had an entire track on blockchain, and the only (imo;) useful one, was about using it as distributed state store

@hirojin the only on the field useful usage I've ever came across was Ring using it as a way to handle identity in their DHT so that's pretty close to your case :)

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