Using backquotes ( ` ) in the syntax of your language/markup is really the most american thing I've ever come across.

@ffeth ah, everything is his fault -.-

I still don't understand how you could come up with a so unintuitive syntax for rst >.>

@bram I'm not in love with the syntax, but I sure love the modularity and extensibility.
Markdown is short on those, alas.

The highlighting in vim helps me a lot.

@ffeth yeah, sphinx with rst is really a great powerful extensible tool, I just can't handle the fact that I still need a reference for writing a dam url because I forgot each time this `_a <qsd>` weird stuff :/ (and I won't talk about other things)

@bram This is why I tend to put all urls in "urls.rst". I just have to copy, paste and modify... :)

@bram That I think of... not public (and I'm on a new computer :).

In a doc :

.. include:: includes/urls.rst

Now a link to Apache_


In urls.rst:

.. _Apache:

@bram @ffeth what the effing fuck are you talking about? Why am I following you? What am I doing here? Where am I? I want answers!

@ffeth :blobkissheart: that reminds me I never finished watching this series. @bram

@ffeth do you also find that paper doesn't taste as good nowadays than it did before? @bram

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