I already knew I wanted a pet beaver, now I really want one °-°

@bram j'imagine que c'est à peu près ce qui se passe avec @FurryJulie quand tu fais la cuisine 🤔🤔🤔

@lulucybrelu @FurryJulie non, je la fais travailler comme un horrible esclavagiste :p

(en vrai elle m'aide spontanément)

@bram FTR beavers were my best example as an antispecism advocate towards my marxism teacher. ("No, humans are not "special animals", beavers too modify their environment, look!")

@redbookworm oh funny :)

I end up looking a bit on that subject and found that there is a term for those species (and that the beaver is not the only one):

@m0n5t3r oh, very interesting story!

While I found the conclusion a bit weak that still pretty cool to learn :)

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