Since I've adopted the idiom that "if debugging is hard it's because you don't have the good information" and that debugging should always be the easiest possible, my life as a developer has become easier and easier, I know aggressively refactor every shitty error message possible and I thanks myself everytime I've encountered it again since how easier things are now ^w^

Also it greatly reduce support time and that's so great.

Make good error message folks, the whole world will always thanks you.

Also, if someone can send patchs to openldap so slapd has real error message I will thanks this person so so much /o\

(I've tried to look at the code but it's C in very old style, I can't deal with that anymore T_T)

@bram depends on the target audience. some people will literally look at an error message telling them how to fix the problem and call their friends asking what to do.

How can read up on this? Debugging is hard for me

@nivatius ah, I don't know, sorry :x

I've never written on that, it has come with experience for me :/

Generally the first and best rule is to always try to understand what you are doing, build a mental model of what you think is happening, then validate every step to see if you assumption match with what is really happening.

You can also use "divide and conquer" approach:

- things are fine in A but buggy in B
- split in half, is problem before or after?
- split in half in that direction etc

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