So, if you are still stucked on Github for some reason and are impacted by the end of the "services" or simply are curious or in need to handle webhooks, here is how I did it for

It's very simple and straightforward. I'm using sanic but you just need to change one stuff to adapt the code for flask/quart and you can subscribe to all webhooks from an organization at once (this code handle this situation). Enjoy!

@bram I could not get it to run on my raspi1, installation script would hang and fail :(

@themartylake oh, that sucks :(

Have you tried asking for help on the forum with the logs?

We have a lot of happy users on rpi so it should work :/

@bram @themartylake my reaction was : "self hosting ain't for me". I think it's kinda true, I'm more interested into a managed option, with backups etc. :)

@themartylake oh ok :/

I guess you can looks at librehosters or CHATONS for that then

Does it mean we'll have a migration to gitlab ? :)

@jibec actually it doesn't change this possibility at all 😅

@jibec it repalce a depreciated feature of github called "services" that was used to send xmpp notification and that is not available anymore

Haha, I though it was the mechanism to detect changes for package updates. #fail

@jibec ah no 😅

I can be used for that too but it's not the case here

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