The whole "phases" concept on mercurial (and the possibility to share drafts commits) is pretty interesting and seems to be solving the problem on how unfunny it can be to work together on a branch while modifying the history '-'

Looks also like an excuse to avoid branches :p

@bram Most git users already use phases informally, with master being "published" and feature branches being "drafts".

@JordiGH how do you work together on a branch while rewriting commit to make them clean while not ending up with horrible merge conflicts?

@bram Evolve! But you may still have merge conflicts; no way to avoid those without something like file locking.

@JordiGH I mean in git, I know that "evolve" is used on mercurial and can handle this situation but my point was tht I don't know how to do that in git (and find it very annoying for being able to work togheter on a PR)

@bram Oh! Yeah, I don't know about git. It is very annoying to rewrite in git when there is no clear history of rewrites.

There's an RFC now?

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