Turns out that has a pretty ncurse interface for its equivalent of "git rebase -i" (histedit) that is very usefull and easy to use, that would be great to have that in git '^'

@JordiGH oh, you are a mercurial contributor, I didn't knew that '^'

I still need to send a small accessibility patch but the contributions process looked quite like a big burden so I'm procrastinating :x

@bram Clone...

Write patch and commit...

Configure email like so in your ~/.hgrc:

method = smtp
from = Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso <>
to =
cc =

host =
tls = tls
username = jordigh
password = PASSWORD
port = 587

... and `hg email -r -1` (or any other revision to email other than -1, the last one).

Follow-up discussion will happen over email.

@JordiGH well, I was in the middle of a rush while working and it looked like I needed to read this whole page before sending something on the mailing list

But I'll end up doing it at some point yes :)

@bram If it's too much of a hassle, make the patch, put the clone somewhere that I can pull, and I can polish it and send it in your name.

@hirojin no, I don't use emacs :/

Here the interesting part is that it's integrate into core by default.

@bram yah

the first thing i install when I install git, is tig.
again, that's something hg has integrated

@hirojin ah really? I couldn't find a tig-like in hg and hgview is broken on latest version hg. What are you using?

@bram oh, i did mean hgview actually, didn't know it's broken 😕

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