I'm so happy I've just finished a cool script for work D:

It's very specific for the work environment but the general idea could be reused outside of it.

It's a script to automatically upgrade dependencies if they pass tests. The general idea is:
* get all dependencies
* check if there are new release on pypi
* for each upgradable one, switch to the latest one, run test, if tests pass: commit!
* otherwise test each version until it reaches a buggy one and commit the previous one.
* finish \o/

Well actually no, I have specific code to detect if the modules of the framework have changed of format and update the current code with it but this part is really specific to $work.

It's so great to see it working \^-^/ (it's still very not mature but it's great nethertheless)

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@bram cool!

I had seen some time ago a similar tool for npm, and secretly hoped we would get this for python and pypy at some point ! Do you know ?

@arthurlutz ah no, never saw it '-' (I'm not very aware of the nodejs community)

Here I've made it to modify the of a cube, if you want to play it's here :)

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