Remember folks who do , you can use "ipython --pdb" to launch a python script and end up in pdb (or ipdb/pdpbb if installed) if the script fails!

Also if "" require argument put them after "--" like this:

ipython --pdb -- argument1 -f pouet

Alternatively this also works for global python commands:

ipython --pdb $(which command) -- arguments

@olasd and with notebook that's the last big invention that radically change the way some people code 😋

@bram @olasd

Just happened to need it right now, mysqldbexport chokes on some UTF char it seems…

wow, beautiful!

(but now, how do I use it?)

@bram @olasd

mysqldbexport… one more thing written by americans for americans without any test for non-ASCII chars 😞

@mmu_man @olasd you write "?" and you read the doc :p (it's just pdb on steroid)

Common commands: n, s, c, u, d, l, a

@bram @olasd well, first time for me with pdb actually, I'm more used to gdb :D

@bram @olasd

After installing the git version to a local prefix and forcing PYTHONPATH…

ImportError: No module named connector.conversion

Stupid python constructs the module index by recursing through folders, but disregarding same parent folders in other paths… so it was there (from apt) but it just didn't care to see it… I figured it'd know better. Ended up ln -s.

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