topics are actually really useful when you need to work against upstream while handling you list of patches '-'

It's like small tags/branchs so you can group your commits and easily rebase them if needed and the topics/branches disapears after merging.


Doc is missing an important part: migration your current commits to a topic, it's super easy to to : hg topics --rev

@bram @arthurlutz what's the status of the evolve extension? Will it be included soon?

@nicoe @arthurlutz dunno but I'm using it daily without any problem (except it doesn't support python3 which generates stupid warning in py.test for some projects)

@nicoe @bram we use evolve all the time and on most projects, and we're really happy with the workflow it provides. As far as inclusion in upstream I'll let @marmoute answer that one (I know that bits of what evolve uses have been included over time in mercurial)

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