@bram looks pretty neat, but make sure to check caniuse before you slap vendor prefixes everywhere like what it suggests with box-sizing

@cadence yeah, website is a bit old on that part :(

box-sizing is full green now normally and css grid is not here :/

Still that website totally changed my webdev skills, like after that I knew ... how to place things on a webpage :amaze::amaze::amaze:

@bram they barely mention flex as well. that site should be, like, 80% flex tips and never mentioning clearfix ever ever ever

@cadence I still believe that you really need to know all of this because you never on what you are going to work :/

I use/hack on relative/absolute quite often :<

@bram that's fair, I almost entirely design my own things for modern browsers so I'm free to not have to fuck with absolute/relative/float/clear/clearfix

they could've mentioned css preprocessors as well, I've recently starting using sass and it's improved my css power an unbelievable amount

but it is definitely a good first start for someone who has no idea where to start with css, and is also helpful for seeing the ideal use case of different layout types (such as teaching people not to use float: left for a sidebar)
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