Hello mastodon, but more precisely users (or interested people),

I'm exploring the idea of making a survey on YunoHost to have a better understand on who use it and why and what is important to you and what to improve/already works.

For that, it would be great if you could help me by answering some questions so I can put better questions/more options in the survey :)

I'm going to do 1 toot per question, but let's start with the first one: can you tell me why you are using ?

Can you tell me what are the most common kind of bug you get in ? (like "failing to update applications", "configuring domain" etc...)

Can you tell me what are the things you find hard to do in ? (like "configuring a domain")

Can you tell me what are the part you think we should improve in ? (like "easier admin", "inline documentation", "easier to debug" etc...)

Can you explain me a bit how you are using ? Like "for myself for some apps" "for emails" "for a group of ppl"

For a positive note 😋 what is already good and easy to do in and shouldn't require that much more work? (like other things are more important)

I'll probably have other questions but that's already a lot, thanks a lot for all your answers ❤️

@bram Thank you for taking the time to ask these questions and for all the work you do ! ! ! :blobheart:

@bram Aside from the latest stable NextCloud, my top request would be...


@bram yunohost is amazing ! Congrats to everyone that has contributed.

@bram @arthurlutz Yes a very very huuuuuuuuge thank you! Yunohost is amazing!

@bram une fois que ça marche on enchaine les installations de trucs et hop hop hop :D

@bram et plus sérieusement ça m'a permis de pouvoir faire de l'auto-hébergement ; j'aurai clairement abandonné sans ça

@Nausicaa c'est trop trop cool à lire ça ❤️❤️❤️❤️

@bram la gestion des utilisateurs et des authentifications couplé aux installation d'applications. Sans avoir à gérer tout cela à la main ^^

@bram it's a good way to setup our own server in a quick, relatively easy way, and then smoothly acquire knowledge about how it works, how apps works with the server components (Nginx, …).

Once some packaging work has been done, upgrading some apps is as easy as changing the source URL (+Sha256 sum).
(o, it's more due to the app itself than Yunohost, but still, that's a good point)

Also migrating to a new server (or restoring a backup) is quite fast, from a fresh Yunohost install.

@bram Apps deployment is easy (thanks for that, and thanks to apps packager who do this).
The domain configuration is easy (for me) : i had some troubles with mine, just copy-paste what YH suggest me after adding it in Gandi manager, and it works now, email server appears to be nicely configured 😊

@bram Everything is good and easy in ynh 😄

I think the admin-interface has a very intuïtive structure, so is the user-interface. I love how apps can have the ynh symbol that brings people back to the user-interface. The cli is also very intuïtive in structure, esp since it seems to follow the structure of the admin interface, and the --help is always clear imo. Installing is also super easy. I've installed Lime (so just flash the card and boot it up) and on on Debian (so just run a command that runs a script). I also LOVE how the packages ask questions so you can immediately set it up the way you want/like it. Even setting up an app that is not packaged is easy to do and once you can do that, the first steps of creating a package are basically done.

@bram The UI is good, the account creation process simple and install yunoapps is a pleasure

@bram #YunoHost is ridiculously easy to set up 👍 Admin UI is clean and intuitive.

@bram The conf panel is very clear. Also document easy and nice to read :) it’s almost perfect frankly. :)

@bram installing an app is good and easy–but other service providers do it.

What is *awesome* is how easy it is to upgrade an app. The upgrade path is often neglected by cloud/docker providers–and Yunohost makes the maintainance and upgrading of live apps reaaaally easy.

@bram installation process , one-click app installation, sso , backup (still experimental ?)

@bram yunohost is awesome ! Kudos to all the people that make this possible and with such a nice community with it.

@bram Pretty much any level 7 app is good. Lol.
A vpn would be very, very nice.
I already mentioned the nameserver thing (dns management).

@unklebonehead tor is somewhere on the todo list yes, I know people are working on vpnserver app and some people (without free time :() wants to integrate vpns into yunohost core

@bram pour moi principalement et pour partager des photos avec ma famille

@bram Je l'utilise pour moi même et ma compagne (agenda, shaarli...). Un wiki public. Un nexctcloud ^^

Je l'utilise pour de l'auto-hébergement sur un petit raspberry pi. Pour mon utilisation personnelle, surtout pour Nextcloud, les e-mails et le filtrage du réseau avec Pi-hole.

Avec mes maigres connaissances, il me serait très difficile de mettre tout ça en place sans Yunohost et surtout cela me prendrait beaucoup de temps et d’efforts et certainement sans avoir la certitude d'avoir bien fait les choses ^^
J'adore ce projet et les possibilités qu'il offre au plus grand nombre. ❤️

@bram Mine is a personnal, individual server : Nextcloud (files), CaldDav, AgenDav, phone backups (inside NC).
Plus some other apps for bookmarks, RSS, etc.
I'm using some other apps just to see if they could be useful for me.
Maybe a static website later.
I don't really use email, not because it doesn't work, but because other ppl find weird and dangerous someone with a custom domain name 🙄

@bram I use Yunohost for private NextCloud file syncing / storage / sharing, and for testing WordPress themes.


@bram For myself and hopefully a group of friends willing to jump in

@bram For myself for few stable apps only :
- Rainloop as a webmail front page for external email (imap/smtp). (not communicated with the email provided by Yunohost)
- Shaarli
- Dokuwiki

In project to test more apps, but fear about possible crash and vps load.

@bram For myself on my lime1 with an ssd for personnal and more private mails, nextcloud and xmpp behind a domain since late 2016.

@bram For myslef and some friends and customers on a vps for my work with 17 domains and sub-domains to host mail, nextcloud, dokuwikies, gravs and a couple of wordpress since early 2017.

@bram For a customer on avps with mails, roundcube and nextcloud for 4 users.

@bram two company installs :

* one for a client project to have multiple tools out of the box to manage a project (no email use)

* one internal to the company to easily deploy tools to test out (but might end up being considered production) - see tickets about integrating with an existing LDAP

@bram for myself (main user) and family members (for small uses)

email, xmpp, calendar

for a festival : blog, funkwhale and peertube

for a "association": blog, shared finance application

@bram Its all about me!
PeerTube -my videos
TTRss-for my news
Airsonic-for my entertaiment and podcast catcher
Mywebapp-personal website
Mumble-gonna be used for my podcast production someday
Nextcloud-but prolly gonna switch to syncthing for files and something else for docs

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