People around me sometime have hard time understanding why I never watch and find no appeal at all on **fiction** media made on hackers (like "hacker movies" or "series"): I have no interest on watching fake romantisating stuff on my communities, my past fights and suffering is not a fucking commercial product and not some kind of "aesthetic" and showing us as """heroes""" is a liberal toxic mindset.

Capitalism reapropriation and desalinization is violent, depersonalizing and I deeply hate it.


We should really more talk about the depression of hackers and the fall of hackers...

See you at my next great new TED talk on "how capitalism destroyed and eat hackers" so we can be depressed together.


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Who remembers when hackers were supposed to be the """heroes""" who were changing and revolutionizing the world instead of just being capitalism and oppressive soldiers who just create the society of surveillance we were fighting against and now live in.

I guess our so great ethic only hold for too many until we got a sweet sweet good paying job offers from NSA or GAFAM or whatever surveillance capitalism state or corporation was around the corner.

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It tells a lot of how capitalism digère tout ce qui s'oppose a lui

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