I really hope that microwave buttons evolutions are used in UX classes as an example of: what absolutly not to do.

Old microwave: set power then time

New shiny microwave: I hOpE yOu HaVe A pHd In FlYiNg AlIeN SpAcEsHiP :thinkhappy:

Seriously, what in the world those people were thinking? I've only understood one button on our new microwave which is "add 30 seconds of cooking at full power lol" while all the others are a total mystery to me.

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I the same story: why setting time of kitchen devices that aren't used mainly for that (hoven for eg) always looks like you need to know the fucking secret code of a video game like "press this button 3 second, this other one twice then spint on yourself and maybe you'll manage to set the minutes."

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Also: why is everyone wants to cooks babies in the microwave.

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You can probably write a stupid website for generating microwave control panels by picking random icon in forkawesome and the result would be as usable as the modern ones.

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@bram je ne sais pas comment changer la moindre option sur mon micro-onde :')

@milia je sais juste rajouter + 30 seconde de cuisson en full power et c'est tout 😅

À côté de ça j'ai écris mon propre arbre de syntax abstrait sans perte d'informations pour python alors que j'avais jamais écrit de parser avant x_x

@bram I really appreciate the dedicated setting for cooking babies, however

@Tak does it cooks a living baby or spawn a new one? I don't even know


Ouais mais tu peux décongeler ton bébé si tu veux, c'est pratique.

@lila_bliblu ça le cuisine ou ça en fait apparaitre un ? Tant de mystères.

@bram @lila_bliblu et pour faire sécher le chat ? il faut lire le manuel du coup ? c'était trop compliqué d'ajouter un bouton ? pfff.

@bram is... is there an icon of a baby, or are my eyes deceiving me?

@bram not to mention how *none* of the button panels are blind-accessible.

@bram @vy Does seeing the icons even assist a user in selecting the right option, in this case?

@cathal @bram You should always, at the very least, be able to feel where a button is before you press it

@bram I feel like it's one of those thing that became a standard and no one knows why because no one understands or has a need for it

@Sapphaos I'm pretty sure marketing/management though it was a great idea to diferenciate themselve from competitor but it never took off but now everyone is doing it and we are stucked with that bs now

@bram My microwave doesn’t even display time and it’s the best thing ever

I only use +30 seconds with maximal power. It's the only useful button.

@bram Well you shouldn't have bought that microwave then..

@bram Well it's the truth, isn't it? What other parameters are there to buy a microwave? All of them have kind of the same properties. The differentiating factors are: (1) does it do grill as well?, (2) price and (3) the buttons.
I picked mine to have the easiest interface. A few buttons to select modes (and that have text on them instead of hieroglyphs), a wheel to add time and a start button.

@stevenroose when you are at the end of a day of buying shitload of things in ikea because it's the first rent without stuff in it and you also need to pick a hoven, a fridge and a washing machin, you don't fucking care about those details, you just want a microwave in your price range and that's all, you are already exhausted and you have other priorities

@bram Wow chill out, I'm sorry man.. Perhaps if you can't handle an ironic comment on your 6-post microwave rant, you should not fill your followers' feeds with a 6-post microwave rant..

@TapiocaPearl (serious answer: I think it's used to sterilized baby bottle)

@bram That’s really not a good icon choice if that’s the case :').


@bram i've seen them in a few ux articles i think :') they are so bad

So there's a function dedicated to cooking infants 🤔

@bram everyone banging on about "omg there's a baby button", that's for heating baby food. Just like the one for heating cow food and the one for heating fish food and the one for heating a stunning sunset over the ocean.

@Murkrow @bram Just like the bottom-left one is "infiltrate a high-secure facility by dancing through moving lasers".

@romrom @bram bottom right is "escape a high-security facility by dancing through the moving lasers, then stare in rapturous wonder at the sun setting over the ocean as you realise, maybe for the first time, the true value of your freedom". Which is pretty advanced for a microwave.

@bram There’s a button with an angry potato and 2 of its friends who seems to be laughing

@bram I don't get how they are commercially viable. It implies to me that huge numbers of buyers don't stop to consider their experience of using a device...

I mean, once you buy one of those monsters, you can't get a refund just for the design being dumb and you later realizing?


@douginamug I don't think people really care about this when buying a microwave, you'll probably boutgh like one every dozen of years max? When the previous one is not usable anymore for whatever reason.

@bram @douginamug I think most people just rent a place and if there’s a microwave they use it and that’s it. And it’s not like there’s a lot of choice anyway...

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