Software developer self care is also fixing horrible error messages that make you lose so much time to avoid being bitten by it again and avoid other failing into this too.

Remember: if something is hard to debug, it's 95% of the time because you don't have the good information because it's not given to you.

Like good documentation, good errors messages save HOURS to so much people while it's not the funniest thing to do, it's one of the most important.

@bram Amen. This is why I emphasized how Rust excels on that in some recent presentations.

@bram I completely agree. My team was doing a shared code review and one of the new developers said "I really like this error that says add this specific line item into my config file to make it work. I've never seen that before."

Of course, my answer was: "I was tired of telling people how to fix it."

@bram I've lived by the motto "Avoid failing is you can, but if you can't, fail fast, loud, and obvious so it is detected early and fixed quickly." It's literally saved my career.

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