I like how FOSS is supposed to be auto-organized and all and maybe anarchist somehow and stuff but we still produce 99% of software where the structurale model is admin-moderator-users and totally fail to see the immense real of experimentation we could do on that

@bram isn't that book about cathedrals and bazaars about this specific topic? I haven't read it fearing it might be a little bit outdated

@hellpe this one is about software development organization, not the software permissions roles model itself (but it's still interesting)

@bram Oh right sorry, I read your toot wrong. This is a whole different field to me (but very interesting nonetheless)

@bram I'm probably dumb but I fail to see what kind of other interaction modalities we may have. If you have time, could you elaborate a bit more please? :)

@rhapsodos Consider how OpenStreetMap or Wikipedia deal with edits: everyone can change the database (with some exceptions, but based on votes, not decided by any administrator), and the integrity of the database is guaranteed by volunteers checking that their neighbourhood is fine. That's much closer to anarchy as a way of organising things 😊 (But these are unfortunately rare indeed.)

@bram In order to change the admin/moderator/user model, you need to make the admin and moderator role as easy as the user role. Notably, deploying, updating, and maintaining a software shouldn't be hard or technical tasks (as easy as installing firefox and using its automatic updates for the other technical tasks).
Peer to peer networks are the closest to an anarchist organization. Though the main widespread use of p2p currently is file sharing and cryptocurrency.

@bram I'm proud to be in that 1% (it's probably more like 0.00001%) with what we do with @karrot.

It is a lot more complex though than having normal admin roles, as things that would normally just be a button for an admin become processes and chats and voting and whatnot.

this means we could find a flat model with less roles and more self organization? Do we have conferences/materials on this?

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