I'm playing with the python rich module and am really in love with it, I think I'm going to force it on every project I'm involved in to get better error messages and a bunch of other cool things (it provides so much stuff it's awesome)

I had fun with it yesterday to try to improve YunoHost ui/ux on results in cli:


@bram becareful, all of your team mates will use a different window manager and a different terminal emulator, not juste iTerm or Kitty.

Nice colors are available in few terminal emulators.

@athoune it seems to handle all this shit for you (and we can force them to modernize their setup)

@bram Nicely done. Yunohost is such an incredible - and important - piece of software. I'm currently getting re-set up with my new server.

@bram it is thanks. I’m a bit nervous about trying to migrate mail from ProtonMail. But everything I’m using is incredible.

The fade in apps screen when in the main domain is beautiful too. 💚💚💚

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