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I don't like this article proposed solutions but it really hits hard on me. Maintaining FOSS really kills me and I don't know what to do about it.


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@bram I see several problems.
1) A pay wall is a pay wall, meaning fewer people will investe in the community, and for smaller project, it might as well be nobody.
2) It's discriminating people on them being able to pay to contribute.
3) This means contributors have to pay for their own freaking time and effort. What the hell?

The crowdfunding solution at least don't put a freaking paywall to participant, and don't ask people to pay to work for the project.

I kinda liked the idea until I though it a bit more. Now I think it is terrible.

There still need some kind of way the keep things manageable though...

@Ambraven those ideas sucks, they are only set for a corporate relationship, just looks at the quoted projects.

But I'm not really interested by those solutions, I'm more interested, egoistically, at : stop killing myself.