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Docker, an allegory

(this is not a critic, just find that not so inaccurate :p)

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@bram "hey look at this latest full featured framework, it is really cool !"

@dashie @bram the disadvantage of being able to install packages easily is that nothing will stop you from installing packages

@bram Your mission, should you decide to accept it: Build a Javascript Web application in a Docker container hosted on an open stack instance...

@msh oh come on, I was trying to avoid trolling 😁

@bram BTW, it's beautiful, impressive and also very surprising : "how could someone think about that ?".

I even asked myself : "is it for the performance or the easiest way for boats delivery, from one place to another, down the river ?"

@r3vlibre I have to admit that I'm curious to.

I'm pretty sure the real reason is probably along the lines of "because I can and it look fun lol" x)

@bram That's what I tend to conclude, too :)

Still, doubts stay in the air^^