Birds are weird but at least they have a sens of (bad ?) fashion which is pretty cool 😋

@bram LOOK AT ME, I'M THE PAPER PEACOCK ! *bird chirp away fabulously*

@bram C'est la saison des amours ?
Ou cet oiseau est brésilien ? Samba Lalalala lalalala 😃

@CookieMonster apparemment c'est surtout parce qu'il va utiliser ça pour faire son nid :)

@bram Ok Merci de l'info !
Images sympas très mignonnes !

Try cutting strips of paper that straight with your f'ing TEETH !

@ScriptFanix some scientists predicts that in the futur we'll all have beak because teeth aren't that useful for our lifestyle


Also, oral sex would be impossible. That would be so sad...


@ScriptFanix that's indeed a very sad perspective D:


I prefer to believe that sexual selection would prevent that "evolution" of homo sapiens

That bird is awesome! Also, fun fact: Zeller means celery in Hungarian.

@bram Too cute. It's collecting nest material. Don't let it near a willow-tree.

@bram video description: parrot makes a tail out of newspaper.

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