Birds are weird but at least they have a sens of (bad ?) fashion which is pretty cool 😋

@bram omg! what species is this? i wanna know if they have behaviors like this in the wild?

@bram @Gaypow
that’s a lovebird!!!! mine did that too, it’s adorable

@bram LOOK AT ME, I'M THE PAPER PEACOCK ! *bird chirp away fabulously*

@bram this gif is old, it has zellers which hasn't existed in a while

@bram C'est la saison des amours ?
Ou cet oiseau est brésilien ? Samba Lalalala lalalala 😃

@CookieMonster apparemment c'est surtout parce qu'il va utiliser ça pour faire son nid :)

@bram Ok Merci de l'info !
Images sympas très mignonnes !

Try cutting strips of paper that straight with your f'ing TEETH !

@ScriptFanix some scientists predicts that in the futur we'll all have beak because teeth aren't that useful for our lifestyle




That bird is awesome! Also, fun fact: Zeller means celery in Hungarian.

@bram Too cute. It's collecting nest material. Don't let it near a willow-tree.

@bram video description: parrot makes a tail out of newspaper.

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