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me when I'm about to make a new website

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"straights: why does EVERYTHING need to be lgbt these days???? stop forcing it on us



New pet goal.


(it's a mink/"vison" in french)

Some new packages on pypi are weird.

(appart from a setup.py there is not code in it and it points ton an unexisting github repo)


I can't even think of a comment.

Looking at those things, my though is always "that looks really cool to easily do new theme/adapt existing ones for viday games".

I wonder if people are already doing this 🤔 (I wouldn't be surprised)

"Given a content photo and a style photo, the algorithm transfers the style of the style photo to the content photo to generate a stylized output as it was captured by a camera.

Code: goo.gl/q2nNGJ Paper: arxiv.org/abs/1802.06474"

Quand je dis à des ami·e·s que effectivement, je vais sortir de ma grotte pour une fois pour venir à un anniversaire 😅

wow :o

"@koczkatamas@twitter.com I've just published a hobby project of mine: onelang.io , a new programming language / transpiler hybrid.

Write code in 11 languages at the same time! "


Btw, I've explored a bit the existing IRC asyncio lib for IRC and I've end up quite liking this one called "bottom".

It's pretty low level but I really liked the power of the API and it's simplicity (and since IRC is a very simple protocol, being close to it is quite an advantage).


(I really like how you can wait for some events before continuing this easily)

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I'm seriously reconsidering the idea of never getting maried.

(source: buzzfeed.com/terripous/dressed)

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