@Thib I wonder where you could have found some inspiration for that :thounking:

@lord fair point, that's more something that a major irc server could leverage with its user base

@lord yup, have yet to try it

Here that would really be solving the problem from the ground up.

@lord yeah, slack just took everything with build to fix the limit of IRC and made it builtin and easy and pleasant to use for everyone and that's the point: doing to same thing.

@framasky @jibec @moul apparemment le dev serait assez réactif, hésite pas à le contacter

Stupid probably can't do it: wrote an (or path an existing) IRC server that tries to integrate modern chatroom oriented software like (need to be account based only):

- permanent history
- same/shared account from multiple devices
- service integration into room so less bots are needed
- Rest/other API
- some sort of file/image sharing
- advanced rooms management/permissions
- and other things I've missed

And try to make it work with existing clients.

Nothing to do on the 27/10 ? We are hosting a #cryptoparty / #privacycafe in #Brussels at the Sisters Café in the Centre ! Come discuss and learn about privacy practices :) privacytraining.org/en/civicrm

@j0n @wxcafe ouais que je cherche un stack classique metric/trigger/actions pour faire du monitoring, pas des graphes ^^''

@vitria @wxcafe @FurryJulie ok, je crois que j'irais revoir alors résultat, merci :)

@djayroma since 95% of them are nagios clones/fork it's ok x)

@antifuchs oh, that's really out of scope for me tbh :o

I'm really looking for something simple, super easy to deploy, learn, configure and that won't consume a lot of resources.

Like I'm in a lot of associations/groups/others with different situation and I just want something for all those cases that won't annoy me and make me win time.

And I'm writing python since 10 years.

@antifuchs the good news is that I only want to for myself and like all project it won't succeed.

Except if it does and I'm in a bad situation then x)

@djayroma people did that already?

I really like the buildbot approach of "let's make a framework to build a tool instead of a tool", that's super powerful (and nerdy).

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