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@vitria oui, il est tout adorable ❤️

Je lui en toucherai un mot :) (s'il voit pas déjà cet échange x))

@vitria hihi ça roule 😋

(je vais déjà essayer de le faire parler à une pote, mais c'est compliqué de se faire se rencontrer deux patates >.>)

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@Comamanel ouais :/

Mais bon, j'imagine que t'as pas envie de faire toute ta vie non plus / que le tour a été fait du concept.

@vitria je triche, korbak est un pote 😋

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Reminder que "c'est ça l'histoire" existe et que c'est toujours aussi marrant 😋


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@bnjbvr it's actually super old, especially compared to the others 😅

But yeah, management is just the science of capitalism, it's defined like that, nothing new (cf Franck Lepage/Luc Boltanski etc.)

This one looks interesting enough to be considered outside, especially since it was borned before micromanagement and over optimization against humans.

@Vopo tbh, everything looks better outside of capitalism >.>'

But I get your point :)

So, I've just discovered the "Kaizen" Japanese management technique, I have no idea if it doesn't have shitty sides but on the surface it's really cool: constant improvement of the workflow by workers themselves to make works easier and more productive.

I looks really like what we called "hacking our own environment".

Cool video that show applications in 2 situations youtube.com/watch?v=fcBXtwGexN


@loic @taziden @amj @sebian @Siltaer @whilelm @aleks @piks3l @nitot most of the initial team for the decentralized internet is very tired of it and what to pass the hand. We are probably going to make a call for that.