@Gargron is there a list of articles about Mastodon somewhere? I couldn't find it, and it would be useful. Maybe a hashtag and boost bot? (#MastodonInTheMedia ?)

I'm being told my Instance Isn't connected to the Push server. Any idea how to fix this?

You can now connect your #Mastodon account to your #Liberapay profile! liberapay.com/about/me/edit

You can also pledge to donate to people you follow on Mastodon who haven't joined Liberapay yet! liberapay.com/on/mastodon

The people at Discourse have kindly provided a hosted forum for the Mastodon project. discourse.joinmastodon.org/

I don't know how often it would be used. Bugs and feature requests belong on GitHub. This is just for those long-winded discussions, troubleshooting, etc. Kind of like the mastodon admin mailing list, I guess.

ProjectImplicit shows implicit or unconscious biases we all have. Since we can't change the existence of bias, the best way forward ist to make ourselves aware of it, moving from unconscious bias to conscious one, so that we can compensate. I highly recommend taking the test, if you have somewhere to run Flash in a safe env.


Starting a Roadmap at this page: github.com/Vavassor/Tusky/proj

Not much there yet, but going forward it'll show generally the progress of features and changes planned for release.

Nofftopia is connected to 167 instances. Use to be over 600, but we had a glitch. It would be extremely rad if y'all could boost this and help get Nofftopia reconnected to the federation! 🍻

Just uploaded new linux/mac packages to github.com/diracdeltas/signal- (my standalone Chrome-less version of Signal Desktop). If you plan to use this as your desktop Signal client, I recommend building from source and updating via git pull since the app has no auto-updating yet.

And thank you @Gargron for poking me 3 times regards to signing my contract today. :D

Thank you @shel and @indi for helping me write better.
thank you @Skiant and @sct_r for feedback on a question.

And thank you to anyone who slipped my mind today. <3

#AndStatus v.33.00 "Mastodon support" published to the Open Beta testing channel https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.andstatus.app
What's new:
Added Mastodon support. Six most popular Mastodon instances are preconfigured.

We're looking for a new Comms Director! 😀 Know anyone who is qualified and wants to help tell the world about Tor? 🤓 Please help us spread the word. 👍


Windows 10 S will only allow you to run apps from the Microsoft Store, which means you can't run iTunes or Chrome, unless you pay US$49 to upgrade it into an actual Windows.

I'm fairly sure RMS warned us around 20 years ago that this kind of stuff was coming, and people laughed and said 'that's paranoia, they'll never lock the desktop down that far'.



🚨🚨🚨 Really major Gmail phishing attack going around right now. Do NOT click on an unexpected "Open in Docs" link.

Whether or not you have, now is a great time to review the apps you've authed to your account: security.google.com/settings/s

A thing I want:

Rolling together the NSFW and CW buttons into one "hide" button. It puts the text and any media fully hidden behind a CW, and when you click "see more" it shows both.

But I am shy about suggesting it on the big Github issue list because I know that if I do I'll immediately get 4 people telling me that they like them to be separate.

"I'm an established user with no accessibility needs and I think it's fine how it is."

#Mastodon #meta #metadon

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