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Hi this is Mori I draw ink illustrations inspired by gothic romanticism. My plan ahead is to keep my queer self afloat.

I joined #MastoArt because I enjoy looking at cool art

#Illustrationart #CreativeToots #illustration #introductions #BlackAndWhite

business is dangerously slow and i am stressed.

not sure how to use this, but im blocking gross body stuff involved with sex work 

clients only ever ask for anal just after i'm finishing a meal lol. so much more work.

an 18-year old is trying to book me for his first time and is quite miffed that i don't offer overnight service. i can't decide if i should tell him that most of us won't take an 18-year old client

'sorry, I can't pay your deposit because I'd have to give you my legal name. can we still have an appointment?'

the next step after your deposit was giving me your legal name anyway, so.

forgot about this account! but here i am, nonetheless.

to keep adding to my lapsed diary, i switched to escorting from sugaring because it's a lot safer. i just got my tryst profile approved a few days ago, so i'm nervous about making the jump

i finally quit my job, i am now unemployed on paper and i'm incredibly happy about it

October was almost dangerously slow, but I've made a bunch of it back over the halloween weekend

sexual violence to sex workers (me) 

v annoying to realize while getting my blood taken that i did, in fact, get assaulted again

being absolutely horrible to cops at my day job is such a pleasure.

had an argument with some people today about what clothing companies count as middle class/bourgeois... there's no discreet way to say 'i fuck a lot of millionaires and i know more about what they wear than you do'

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honestly nothing is more grating than clients complaining to me that a vasectomy makes them nervous

This POT is way too good to be true. But just in case...

just ripped into a client who dared offer me a fucking insulting rate to visit him 4 times a week (!?) while saying that hopefully his 'communication and kink-friendliness' would make up for the discount.

client and i watched baseball for about half of our date last night, it was not fun per se but it's nice to get paid for it

sometimes it feels like i am just sitting in my little red-light-district booth, watching the world go by.

oh my god. people i hooked up with two full years ago are texting me bcs i've always insisted on text, not instagram DMs. this is too good

i should charge extra for teaching these guys that whatsapp is not private

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also, the sex work clients are all hitting me up today because i refuse to use whatsapp and suddenly i'm the only available option lmao

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