had an argument with some people today about what clothing companies count as middle class/bourgeois... there's no discreet way to say 'i fuck a lot of millionaires and i know more about what they wear than you do'

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honestly nothing is more grating than clients complaining to me that a vasectomy makes them nervous

This POT is way too good to be true. But just in case...

just ripped into a client who dared offer me a fucking insulting rate to visit him 4 times a week (!?) while saying that hopefully his 'communication and kink-friendliness' would make up for the discount.

client and i watched baseball for about half of our date last night, it was not fun per se but it's nice to get paid for it

sometimes it feels like i am just sitting in my little red-light-district booth, watching the world go by.

oh my god. people i hooked up with two full years ago are texting me bcs i've always insisted on text, not instagram DMs. this is too good

i should charge extra for teaching these guys that whatsapp is not private

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also, the sex work clients are all hitting me up today because i refuse to use whatsapp and suddenly i'm the only available option lmao

very frustrating to realize the reason my partner is grumpy and distant is because they don't have access to fb and ig right now. the i-told-you-so isn't about trusting capitalist media, it's that i warned them about using it as emotional support.

really don't want to work tonight. almost all of my dates have been after i finish my civvie job on weekdays, and i don't want to give anyone my weekend evening

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I am letting a client explain maple syrup production to me. I have written papers on it but, you know.

in the same vein as whining about my cold sore, i've been thinking a lot about how sex work adds more pressure to stay in shape (or at least the shape i was in when i advertised to my clients). sex work is a pretty body positive industry in some ways, but on an individual level i feel that i should be 'as advertised'.

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every once in a while people suggest the best thing to do is get rid of female coded words and just go with male coded words.

"lets get rid of actress, and everyone can an actor."

why dont we get rid of actor and everyone can be an actress? oh because that makes a lot of people uncomfortable? funny that.

I don't know what's a good way to post about music, or if people use a specific tag for it?

but I'm listening to a band called In Love With A Ghost and it's really peaceful.

I have a fucking cold sore and that's very bad for business. At least one of my clients helped me get prescription antivirals!

sometimes i'm really lonely, not because i'm isolated but because i don't want to tell my friends about the truly evil things clients say.

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