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Fun fact: link me with any radical queer torrents and I'll use my seedbox to make sure it's always available

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@nev @gdkar @grainloom @Shadow8t4
I just want to give y'all an update

Despite potentially unleashing the wrath of a dark goddess by unplugging it, the ice maker has NOT made more ice since being unplugged

I did it. I slayed a goddess.

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@grainloom tbf all goats are angry, some just contain more anger than others

*kicks cat out of room for trying to eat my food*
*open door*
*cat stands in the middle of the door, back to me, aggressively ignoring me*

I'm the nothing of nothing, i only just barely am

Food mention, dreams 

I dreamt I ate sushi, lots of it. Good dreams

I made this for someone specific but I thought I'd share it with the entire class.

gender reveal party. the gender is pretty underwhelming actually

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First of this year's batch of kids. Expecting 60+ more in the next few weeks... #MastoGoats

Soul Girlfriend 

It's called Soul Girlfriend. Kids try it at parties, next thing they know they're in a sandbox gettin' paid to deputize middle managers.

teaching the crows in the park to overflow integers until they become infinite and unknowable

I think my fav thing abt ordering off aliexpress is the sense of wonder and mystery only unmarked packages from China can elicit


I used to be annoyed that my homestuck troll was Gamzee

But like

My classpect would probs be a Bard of Rage so

My deepest held and most unflinching belief is that all people, unconditionally and without exception, should have the right to accommodation, food, water, sanitation, education, and basic modern utilities like electricity and internet access.

The fact that there are some people who not only disagree with this but consider it to be a radical opinion, is completely unacceptable TBQH.

us thanksgiving and black friday 

Please remember that Black Friday started as the lament of the working class workers who had to work on a super busy holiday shopping day, and their corporate employers responded to their lamentations by turning it into a branded marketing push to make it even worse for those workers. Please don't make those workers' days any harder than they already are.

I'm almost finished with katekyo hitman reborn and I really love tsuna's relationship with his dad. It's shockingly well done

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