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Fun fact: link me with any radical queer torrents and I'll use my seedbox to make sure it's always available

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@nev @gdkar @grainloom @Shadow8t4
I just want to give y'all an update

Despite potentially unleashing the wrath of a dark goddess by unplugging it, the ice maker has NOT made more ice since being unplugged

I did it. I slayed a goddess.

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@grainloom tbf all goats are angry, some just contain more anger than others

*kicks cat out of room for trying to eat my food*
*open door*
*cat stands in the middle of the door, back to me, aggressively ignoring me*

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I'm the nothing of nothing, i only just barely am

Hot Take: Hackers is the most realistic hacking movie, in that it captures so many niche aspects of hacker culture that aren't talked about while not focusing on the hacking itself. It's timeless in that way. Hacks and hacking change, Hacker culture hasn't

Steam For Linux Now Lets You Play Windows Games From Other Stores

Two new Proton features inside the Steam for Linux client blast the compatibility and convenience doors wide open.

Forbes: Steam For Linux Now Lets You Play Windows Games From Other Stores.

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I made this for someone specific but I thought I'd share it with the entire class.

gender reveal party. the gender is pretty underwhelming actually

First of this year's batch of kids. Expecting 60+ more in the next few weeks... #MastoGoats

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This fuckin dog looks like they've seen some shit ngl

teaching the crows in the park to overflow integers until they become infinite and unknowable

I think my fav thing abt ordering off aliexpress is the sense of wonder and mystery only unmarked packages from China can elicit

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