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Source: Qualia the Purple, chapter 17

Source: Asagao to Kase-san (26:35)

@scarlett cute :o

*-* (you should watch the anime it's great, I just finished it. I linked it slightly before)

@kit_ty_kate what's it like? any caveats? :3

last yuri i watched was yuru yuri and sakura trick and those were kind of... ehhhh

@scarlett I don't know yuru yuri to compare it but it's definitly not like sakura trick.
It's really not lewd at all. That's the only part slightly """hot""" and it's mostly romance but the really cute kind :3

@kit_ty_kate sounds good~ I'll maybe check it out, problem is right now lack of disk space and ineffective bittorrent due to shitty ISP >.>
@kit_ty_kate there is some manga i've read that's pretty good though... also pretty ridiculously lewd, but eh ;p

@kit_ty_kate Elle est tellement belle celle-ci qu'elle me fait mal :'(